Big Drop

Ever since my beginning of WeightWatchers in January, I’ve been really sketchy about buying jeans because of the fact that I’m still losing weight.  

Today while shopping with my Aunt and her buddies, I saw some really adorable jeans.  And a thought occurred to me… What pant size do I even wear now?  All my current jeans range from 10 – 12 (30-32 European) and most of them kind of flood my body.  Saggy bum has become all too familiar.  So I grabbed the jeans that I liked in a size I guessed I would fit in to try on: size 28XL or a 6.  And guess what?

They fit!  Perfectly!  In only three months, I have gone down nearly 6 (SIX!!!) pant sizes.  I haven’t been in a size 6 since my sophomore year of high school nearly 4 years ago!  I cannot even express how thrilled I am at this moment.  I didn’t buy the jeans, because I’m still waiting (and saving up) for a jeans shopping spree when I reach my goal.  

The only sad thing about my weight loss is that I’m losing my favorite part of my body.  (If you are a guy, you may want to stop here.)  

When I was 12 I bought a padded bra because I really wanted some chest… Turns out, a week after I bought the bra, it didn’t fit!  I got my wish and over the course of 8 years, they grew to a great size!  They were my favorite part of my body… probably because they were the closest thing to perfect.  But now, they’ve shrunk!  They are still good, but still… They had a good size before.  I guess that’s where all my fat cells decided to sit.  If only the fat cells in my ass could shrink as fast. 

But I am proud of my weight loss and changes in my body.  Just the other day, our chef at work complimented me and my family last night kept telling me how good I looked.  It’s such a motivation to hear those words of praise and encouragement!  Now to see it in my clothes sizes is another level.


Buckling Down

Last Weeks Weight ~ 155  
Todays Weight ~ 154.8
Difference ~ -.2

Yay! I’m back to where I was before my tiny gain, so I’m really excited.  This week wasn’t the best eating wise, so I exercised a few times to keep myself on track. Curse Cadbury chocolate eggs… It was kind of funny at the scale though because the lady said, “Your body just can’t decide what weight it wants to be this morning!” I guess it kept on changing from 154.6 to 154.8 to 155.  She said the weight stayed the most on 154.8 so she went with that. Works for me! A loss is a loss, plus a mood booster :)  I’ve been stuck around the same weight for about three weeks now, so I’m hoping to increase my efforts this week to get over this mini-plateau.

At our meeting this morning, the topic was “Eating Out”, suggestions and such.  However, my mind was thinking about why I started WeightWatchers in the first place.  I was freaking out because I started to think “Maybe my body is happy at this weight” because of my mini-plateau.  It scared me because my “healthy” weight according to my doctor is about ten pounds away.  

That little voice in the back of my head said: “Whoa! Re-evaluate here!”  Why was I doing WeightWatchers– To eat healthier and more in moderation was my initial reason.  High blood pressure and cholesterol runs through my dad’s side of the family so that’s another reason, but since I was tested for these a couple months ago I’m not too concerned at this point about that.  The numbers on the scale weren’t supposed to be important, although it was nice to see them decrease.  They started to become important as the pounds started coming off.  In a sense, I never really had a goal weight… Just until my body felt like it should.  I guessed that was around 140-145.  About 10 pounds away… maybe I’ve hit that point where the last ten pounds are the hardest to lose.  I can’t tell if I’m freaking out or not anymore. Writing always seems to help, so I think I’m ok :)

Well, I’m going to go for a run then take my five year-old cousin to the Aquarium before my brother’s barbeque dinner tonight.  Take care everyone!

Goal for this Week:
Earn 15-20 activity points.

Too much for two days…

Will you please ram me over with a monster truck? 

At least that would make my chest ease up on me…

Spring break ended so I’m back at school. Not too much work at this point yet, but still–it’s a stressor. At work, I’m working on mapping our network devices, which started last summer but it fell by the wayside for a while. Today, I went in to start up again and half of the devices have changed completely, meaning I have to go back in and re-do practically all of the maps. Talk about losing motivation.  How would you feel if you worked for months on a project to come back to it a couple months later to progress but end up having to go back to the beginning?  Not to mention it is a new program that I have to use now so I have to relearn how to use do this. This is just too much for two days. I’ve never been this emotional at work. Anger has just been boiling over for the past 4 hours and I don’t want to do what I’m supposed to.

However, I’m proud of myself for not turning to food like probably would before WW.  I’m not an emotional eater normally, but when I get really upset chocolate tends to make it better.  I do have chocolate somewhere in my desk but my anger with my work is kind of making me think, “At least I have control over this,”  so it’s easier to say no.  My angry playlist is playing right now… If I could sing to it, that would help more but I can’t sing at my desk.  On top of that, it’s freezing cold outside and snowing so going for a walk to clear my head is out.  Curse it all!  Stress sucks.

Tonight is going to be so fun though!  My favorite author is coming for a reading/book signing that’s right down the street from my office.  Jodi Picoult!  Ah, I’m so thrilled.  At least it’s something to look forward to.

Hope you all are having wonderful OP days!  I’ll be living vicariously through those of you who don’t have to work today…

Very First Gain

Last Weeks Weight ~ 154.8  
Todays Weight ~ 155
Difference ~ +.2

I always knew that a gain would hit me sooner or later.  When my Leader announced that I gained .2 pounds, it was like I couldn’t feel anything.  Do you ever have those feelings where you know exactly how the week played out?  I did this week… I had a feeling I would either stay the same or gain.  And I gained.  Not that much! I’m not disappointed at all!  I know exactly why I gained so that makes it easy to fix those problems for this week.  It was the brownies, the burger joint with my dad, and it was the fact that this week was spring break so I lost my exercise of walking around campus, which I’m sure helps me on normal school weeks.  Tracking also fell a little by the wayside.  They all took it’s toll and I’m ok with that. 

Truth be told, I’m really proud of myself. I’ve lost nearly 16 pounds in two and a half months at a safe and healthy rate.  I’m more active these days.  And my portion control has gotten so much better!  A .2 gain isn’t much at all in comparison.  It shows me that I’m human and that slip ups can happen sometimes. It’s just a little more motivation to do better.  This week will be a good one. 

Goal for this week:
Track EVERYTHING… no matter what!

Refreshed & Wanting More!

So, last time I said that I would go for a walk on my lunch break.  And I have done that for the past two days instead of just sitting at my desk and chowing down a Lean Cuisine.  I’ve been walking around about six blocks for the past two days and it takes about a half hour, then I continue to pace while I wait for my lunch to heat up. 

The thing is though, when it’s time to finish I want to keep walking! It’s fun and it feels like I’m actually doing something!  Plus I get in my activity for the day.  Now if only I could work on getting more fruits and veggies in…

I have an apple every morning, and usually carrots in the afternoon.  As far as dinner goes, if there are no veggies being made, most likely I won’t eat them.  The meals my dad and step-dad make are usually quite filling so at the end of the meal it’s hard to squeeze in more food even if my veggie/fruit quota for the day isn’t quite filled up.  Most of the time there is some kind of vegetable, but other times (like last night) it didn’t work out that way. We went to a burger joint with my dad and it tasted so good! I put lettuce on my burger but that’s about it.  Tomatoes only work on veggie/boca burgers for me, otherwise–ick!  Then the burger kept me full literally until I went to bed. 

Tonight, I’m going to try out a different meeting because rumor is that tonight’s Leader is amazing and really motivational. I’m not weighing in, just testing to see if I should change my day or not. My Leader is nice but I want to know who else is out there.

Now, I want to go for another walk… It’s more fun than working :)

A Few Pinches

Today, I did wear green!  I always do… that’s because St Patricks Day is also my mother’s birthday so I always remember to.  However, that does not mean that pinches avoided me because they struck hard when dinner came around.

My mom’s choice for her birthday dinner was Texas Roadhouse.  Let’s just put it this way: Steak houses never do anything small–Everything is larger than life.  We were fortunate enough to get there for the early bird special with a much smaller portion sizes for me and my mom, since we both are with WW.  We got practically the same thing, except I got beans instead of a sweet potato and my meat was much more well done than hers.  Both conscious of how things are cooked, we requested that our vegetables to be just steamed.  Food comes, I notice mine is quite plump.  I asked my mom to cut into hers, and we discovered that we had each others’ steaks.  Somehow in the process of switching, my steak, the one my mom had on her plate, ended up in her glass of water.  One of the waitresses noticed our little spill and promised me a new steak.  Mom got to enjoy her very pink steak for her birthday so I was happy. But then when the steak came I was even more happy!  

You know how when you are in the mood for something so it tastes ten times better than it would if you weren’t?  That’s how this steak was.  It was perfect!  Fast-forward to after American Idol (Danny Gokey killed everyone tonight!) when my step dad asks, “Mikael, are you making brownies?”  

Ever since I started with WW, I have consciously refrained from baking any cookies, cakes, or brownies simply because I know myself.  The batter is my favorite part… never such an occasion goes by when I don’t eat as much of it as I can without being yelled at.  But I’m really proud of myself!  I did end up making brownies with egg whites.  To keep myself from eating the batter, I emptied out the entire bowl into the pan and into the oven as soon as I could, only licking a little bit from the very edge and the spoon, which hardly had any.  Usually I end up eating half the bowl, but I’m really glad my self-control has gotten a little bit stronger from this.  But I will say that it definitely quenched the sweet tooth that had been screaming at me all night. 

But now it’s only Tuesday with only 25 WPA’s left until Saturday.  I hardly ever dip into my WPA’s this much, let alone this soon.  So I’m going on a walk during my lunch break tomorrow to help make up for it.  That should also help keep me awake since I’m up a little late tonight anyways.  Plus, it should be sunny tomorrow!  What better motivation to get outside and get moving is there besides a moderately warm and sunny day?

St. Patrick Week Begins…

This week has started off quite well I think… Saturday was a little tough at my brother’s hockey party where there was cinnamon pizza and vanilla cake.  Fortunately, I indulged a little but it actually filled me up for the rest of the day so I wasn’t tempted to eat and go over for the day.  Sunday was worse because there was a huge debate in my house whether to make regular double fudge brownies or substitute a few ingredients with healthier options… My step-dad and brother didn’t like that idea, so they made the real thing.  When I came downstairs, they told me they saved the middle piece for me (since that’s my favorite part of any cake, brownie, etc) so I savored every single bite of it and dipped into my WAP a little.  Today was much easier… Went and saw a movie with a buddy and had a frozen Minute Maid to hold me over until dinner.  Very yummy.  But my popcorn wasn’t as good as it usually was so I was a little disappointed.

My mom’s birthday is tomorrow and we can’t wait for our big party this Saturday.  Luckily, that will be after my next weigh-in so I’ll have a fresh supply of WAP’s.  

However, Sunday I participated in Yoking Yack Yoga… For the sake of simplicity, I will simply call Yoking Yack Yoga the YYY.  I got inspiration for this name after a conversation with a few of my YouTube friends.  We have an ongoing joke about “Go yoke a yack” and I decided to add yoga to it for a nice alliteration.  Reason for this is because the hour and a half I did of an intense yoga on Sunday is really resonating through my muscles at this point.  My lower back, thighs and abs are burning a tad.  It felt good, don’t get me wrong, but the pain afterwards can be annoying.  I have a feeling sleep would do my body a world of good at this point.

I really was just so excited about getting this blog up and running that I’m sacrificing my sleep while talking on Skype.  Good night!