St. Patrick Week Begins…

This week has started off quite well I think… Saturday was a little tough at my brother’s hockey party where there was cinnamon pizza and vanilla cake.  Fortunately, I indulged a little but it actually filled me up for the rest of the day so I wasn’t tempted to eat and go over for the day.  Sunday was worse because there was a huge debate in my house whether to make regular double fudge brownies or substitute a few ingredients with healthier options… My step-dad and brother didn’t like that idea, so they made the real thing.  When I came downstairs, they told me they saved the middle piece for me (since that’s my favorite part of any cake, brownie, etc) so I savored every single bite of it and dipped into my WAP a little.  Today was much easier… Went and saw a movie with a buddy and had a frozen Minute Maid to hold me over until dinner.  Very yummy.  But my popcorn wasn’t as good as it usually was so I was a little disappointed.

My mom’s birthday is tomorrow and we can’t wait for our big party this Saturday.  Luckily, that will be after my next weigh-in so I’ll have a fresh supply of WAP’s.  

However, Sunday I participated in Yoking Yack Yoga… For the sake of simplicity, I will simply call Yoking Yack Yoga the YYY.  I got inspiration for this name after a conversation with a few of my YouTube friends.  We have an ongoing joke about “Go yoke a yack” and I decided to add yoga to it for a nice alliteration.  Reason for this is because the hour and a half I did of an intense yoga on Sunday is really resonating through my muscles at this point.  My lower back, thighs and abs are burning a tad.  It felt good, don’t get me wrong, but the pain afterwards can be annoying.  I have a feeling sleep would do my body a world of good at this point.

I really was just so excited about getting this blog up and running that I’m sacrificing my sleep while talking on Skype.  Good night!


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