A Few Pinches

Today, I did wear green!  I always do… that’s because St Patricks Day is also my mother’s birthday so I always remember to.  However, that does not mean that pinches avoided me because they struck hard when dinner came around.

My mom’s choice for her birthday dinner was Texas Roadhouse.  Let’s just put it this way: Steak houses never do anything small–Everything is larger than life.  We were fortunate enough to get there for the early bird special with a much smaller portion sizes for me and my mom, since we both are with WW.  We got practically the same thing, except I got beans instead of a sweet potato and my meat was much more well done than hers.  Both conscious of how things are cooked, we requested that our vegetables to be just steamed.  Food comes, I notice mine is quite plump.  I asked my mom to cut into hers, and we discovered that we had each others’ steaks.  Somehow in the process of switching, my steak, the one my mom had on her plate, ended up in her glass of water.  One of the waitresses noticed our little spill and promised me a new steak.  Mom got to enjoy her very pink steak for her birthday so I was happy. But then when the steak came I was even more happy!  

You know how when you are in the mood for something so it tastes ten times better than it would if you weren’t?  That’s how this steak was.  It was perfect!  Fast-forward to after American Idol (Danny Gokey killed everyone tonight!) when my step dad asks, “Mikael, are you making brownies?”  

Ever since I started with WW, I have consciously refrained from baking any cookies, cakes, or brownies simply because I know myself.  The batter is my favorite part… never such an occasion goes by when I don’t eat as much of it as I can without being yelled at.  But I’m really proud of myself!  I did end up making brownies with egg whites.  To keep myself from eating the batter, I emptied out the entire bowl into the pan and into the oven as soon as I could, only licking a little bit from the very edge and the spoon, which hardly had any.  Usually I end up eating half the bowl, but I’m really glad my self-control has gotten a little bit stronger from this.  But I will say that it definitely quenched the sweet tooth that had been screaming at me all night. 

But now it’s only Tuesday with only 25 WPA’s left until Saturday.  I hardly ever dip into my WPA’s this much, let alone this soon.  So I’m going on a walk during my lunch break tomorrow to help make up for it.  That should also help keep me awake since I’m up a little late tonight anyways.  Plus, it should be sunny tomorrow!  What better motivation to get outside and get moving is there besides a moderately warm and sunny day?


2 thoughts on “A Few Pinches

  1. Ooo Texas Roadhouse. I go here often when I travel on business.

    I always get the same thing:

    Salad w/o cheese, egg, or croutons and honey mustard on the side
    Petite filet mignon
    Garlic mashed potatoes

    I usually only eat 1/2 the mashed potatoes cause I am sure they are filled with butter and cream, etc.

    This place really loves to lay on the cheese and sauces. The waiter is always like wtf when I ask for the salad that way, LOL.

    Luckily I don’t like their rolls much so I have no problem saying no to those!

    Sounds like you did a good job with your choices! Keep up the good work!

    • Oooh, your meal sounds tasty! But yeah, they like to stack on a lot of hidden extras. Actually, what restaurant doesn’t?
      But thank you! And good luck with your too :)

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