Very First Gain

Last Weeks Weight ~ 154.8  
Todays Weight ~ 155
Difference ~ +.2

I always knew that a gain would hit me sooner or later.  When my Leader announced that I gained .2 pounds, it was like I couldn’t feel anything.  Do you ever have those feelings where you know exactly how the week played out?  I did this week… I had a feeling I would either stay the same or gain.  And I gained.  Not that much! I’m not disappointed at all!  I know exactly why I gained so that makes it easy to fix those problems for this week.  It was the brownies, the burger joint with my dad, and it was the fact that this week was spring break so I lost my exercise of walking around campus, which I’m sure helps me on normal school weeks.  Tracking also fell a little by the wayside.  They all took it’s toll and I’m ok with that. 

Truth be told, I’m really proud of myself. I’ve lost nearly 16 pounds in two and a half months at a safe and healthy rate.  I’m more active these days.  And my portion control has gotten so much better!  A .2 gain isn’t much at all in comparison.  It shows me that I’m human and that slip ups can happen sometimes. It’s just a little more motivation to do better.  This week will be a good one. 

Goal for this week:
Track EVERYTHING… no matter what!


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