Too much for two days…

Will you please ram me over with a monster truck? 

At least that would make my chest ease up on me…

Spring break ended so I’m back at school. Not too much work at this point yet, but still–it’s a stressor. At work, I’m working on mapping our network devices, which started last summer but it fell by the wayside for a while. Today, I went in to start up again and half of the devices have changed completely, meaning I have to go back in and re-do practically all of the maps. Talk about losing motivation.  How would you feel if you worked for months on a project to come back to it a couple months later to progress but end up having to go back to the beginning?  Not to mention it is a new program that I have to use now so I have to relearn how to use do this. This is just too much for two days. I’ve never been this emotional at work. Anger has just been boiling over for the past 4 hours and I don’t want to do what I’m supposed to.

However, I’m proud of myself for not turning to food like probably would before WW.  I’m not an emotional eater normally, but when I get really upset chocolate tends to make it better.  I do have chocolate somewhere in my desk but my anger with my work is kind of making me think, “At least I have control over this,”  so it’s easier to say no.  My angry playlist is playing right now… If I could sing to it, that would help more but I can’t sing at my desk.  On top of that, it’s freezing cold outside and snowing so going for a walk to clear my head is out.  Curse it all!  Stress sucks.

Tonight is going to be so fun though!  My favorite author is coming for a reading/book signing that’s right down the street from my office.  Jodi Picoult!  Ah, I’m so thrilled.  At least it’s something to look forward to.

Hope you all are having wonderful OP days!  I’ll be living vicariously through those of you who don’t have to work today…


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