Buckling Down

Last Weeks Weight ~ 155  
Todays Weight ~ 154.8
Difference ~ -.2

Yay! I’m back to where I was before my tiny gain, so I’m really excited.  This week wasn’t the best eating wise, so I exercised a few times to keep myself on track. Curse Cadbury chocolate eggs… It was kind of funny at the scale though because the lady said, “Your body just can’t decide what weight it wants to be this morning!” I guess it kept on changing from 154.6 to 154.8 to 155.  She said the weight stayed the most on 154.8 so she went with that. Works for me! A loss is a loss, plus a mood booster :)  I’ve been stuck around the same weight for about three weeks now, so I’m hoping to increase my efforts this week to get over this mini-plateau.

At our meeting this morning, the topic was “Eating Out”, suggestions and such.  However, my mind was thinking about why I started WeightWatchers in the first place.  I was freaking out because I started to think “Maybe my body is happy at this weight” because of my mini-plateau.  It scared me because my “healthy” weight according to my doctor is about ten pounds away.  

That little voice in the back of my head said: “Whoa! Re-evaluate here!”  Why was I doing WeightWatchers– To eat healthier and more in moderation was my initial reason.  High blood pressure and cholesterol runs through my dad’s side of the family so that’s another reason, but since I was tested for these a couple months ago I’m not too concerned at this point about that.  The numbers on the scale weren’t supposed to be important, although it was nice to see them decrease.  They started to become important as the pounds started coming off.  In a sense, I never really had a goal weight… Just until my body felt like it should.  I guessed that was around 140-145.  About 10 pounds away… maybe I’ve hit that point where the last ten pounds are the hardest to lose.  I can’t tell if I’m freaking out or not anymore. Writing always seems to help, so I think I’m ok :)

Well, I’m going to go for a run then take my five year-old cousin to the Aquarium before my brother’s barbeque dinner tonight.  Take care everyone!

Goal for this Week:
Earn 15-20 activity points.


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