Big Drop

Ever since my beginning of WeightWatchers in January, I’ve been really sketchy about buying jeans because of the fact that I’m still losing weight.  

Today while shopping with my Aunt and her buddies, I saw some really adorable jeans.  And a thought occurred to me… What pant size do I even wear now?  All my current jeans range from 10 – 12 (30-32 European) and most of them kind of flood my body.  Saggy bum has become all too familiar.  So I grabbed the jeans that I liked in a size I guessed I would fit in to try on: size 28XL or a 6.  And guess what?

They fit!  Perfectly!  In only three months, I have gone down nearly 6 (SIX!!!) pant sizes.  I haven’t been in a size 6 since my sophomore year of high school nearly 4 years ago!  I cannot even express how thrilled I am at this moment.  I didn’t buy the jeans, because I’m still waiting (and saving up) for a jeans shopping spree when I reach my goal.  

The only sad thing about my weight loss is that I’m losing my favorite part of my body.  (If you are a guy, you may want to stop here.)  

When I was 12 I bought a padded bra because I really wanted some chest… Turns out, a week after I bought the bra, it didn’t fit!  I got my wish and over the course of 8 years, they grew to a great size!  They were my favorite part of my body… probably because they were the closest thing to perfect.  But now, they’ve shrunk!  They are still good, but still… They had a good size before.  I guess that’s where all my fat cells decided to sit.  If only the fat cells in my ass could shrink as fast. 

But I am proud of my weight loss and changes in my body.  Just the other day, our chef at work complimented me and my family last night kept telling me how good I looked.  It’s such a motivation to hear those words of praise and encouragement!  Now to see it in my clothes sizes is another level.


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