Pre-WI Check In

Sick is Un-bear-able by Obsidian-fox

Yay!  I met my goal of getting 15-20 activity points this week!  I actually have 17 as of last night… Running was supposed to be on the agenda tonight, but a stupid cold has hit me so hard that walking around gets me dizzy. 

This week hasn’t been bad as far as WW goes!  I indulged a little here and there, but for the most part, I have gotten all of my Good Health Guidelines, all my water, and dipped into my WPA just enough.  Let’s hope this mini-plateau is over! 

Earlier this week, I started thinking about strange ways to notice that weight is dropping off… If you want, post yours as a comment :)  I’m intrigued by this idea.
Mine is looking at my hands and wrists.  Wrapping my thumb and middle finger around my wrist used to have them barely touching, and now my fingers can rest on top of each other.  My hands look slimmer too… It’s weird! 

Now the jeans that I fit in after my first couple weeks of WW are about an inch loose too!  I’m running out of jeans!

WI is tomorrow morning… Wish me luck! :)


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