Deceiving Dreams

Sitting at a nice restaurant with my mom and a couple of her friends reminds me of Sex and the City.  Our table is literally stacked with all kinds of cakes: vanilla, vanilla with chocolate frosting, and every variation of chocolate.  I debate whether I should have a bite… After all, my weigh in is tomorrow.  I give into myself and try the chocolate cake in front of me.  Hmmmm, what decadence!  I proceed to try every cake on our table only to come back and finish the mound of chocolate cake I initially tried.  

That is part of my dream from last night.  It scared me!  I was afraid it meant I had gained this week.  This morning, we head off to our WW meeting and my nerves were on end.  A few seconds after stepping on the scale, my leader says, “You are down 1.8 pounds!”  Pulling my fist down in triumph, he continued to say, “That makes your total loss so far 17.4.”  

Last Weeks Weight ~ 154.8  
Todays Weight ~ 153
Difference ~ -1.8

I didn’t even need to hear the .4 before I started cheering!  The 17 pound marker has been something I have been waiting for for weeks… all because that was my 10% goal!  My leader chuckled at my enthusiasm and gave me my 10% keychain.  My dream was just a ploy to get me nervous… I’m really excited!  It is such a joy to see all this hard work pay off.  

After recieving my award, my Leader and I talked about my goal.  Originally, I wanted it to be 140, but then I figured… That would be hard to maintain, so I upped it to 145.  Only 8 pounds away!

Ready or not, here I come… and out you go! :)

This Week’s Goal~
Eat all (or more) 5 servings of fruits and veggies for at least 5 days.


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