A New Day

Last Weeks Weight ~ 153  
Todays Weight ~ 153.2
Difference ~ +.2

After being sick, this gain was expected.  The message boards are filled with people who get sick and gain a little back so I’m not surprised.  And it was only .2 so now I can work to get it off!  But I’m very proud of myself since I met my goal of getting 5 or more servings of veggies/fruit for more than 5 days this week. There was only one day where I only got 4 servings. :)

Easter was a trip though, let me tell you.  Lots of Reeses peanut butter cups and Cadbury Mini-Eggs made up my day.  It’s hard to stop eating those once you start.  Now I’m back to knuckling down!  The holiday is over!  A run tonight will help make up those points.

Just on lunch break, and feeling exhausted!  On the way to work today, I almost fell asleep at the wheel… Scary thing is, I have no idea why I’m so lethargic today!  Too much candy yesterday can’t have this affect on someone, can it? Plus I have a cold sore the size of Texas on my bottom lip that is throbbing and I have no ibuprofen.  Abreva needs to work faster to get rid of it.

Onto a better week!


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