Diet Coke!

Diet Coke was my brother’s first word, believe it or not.  My mom used to say, “Dear, get me a Diet Coke,” so often that he picked it up faster than all the other words that could have been his first. 

This week, I was exposed to something quite remarkable… Diet Coke is point-free!  When I was younger, I was a total soda junkie but for a new years resolution when I was 17, I decided to give up soda and kept to that for a couple years.  Now, soda goes into my body very sparingly.  But when we went to see 17 Again over the weekend, my mom wanted to buy those giant mugs that only cost a dollar to refill and when she asked what drink I wanted in it, I was in a dilemma!  I thought that all soda and lemonade would count against me point-wise, so I usually stuck with my water bottle.  I prefer to eat, not drink, my daily points.  But my mom said, “Diet Coke is free!” and I about flipped my lid!  I had no clue!  So I filled my mug with Diet Coke…

It’s probably not the best thing to drink regardless if it is point-free or not.  It’s soda, plus it has caffeine. I don’t like to consume caffeine drinks because caffeine has a strange tendency to make my energy levels DROP (I know it’s weird). 
I’m going to make a rule for myself: If I choose to have a Diet Coke or Sprite Zero (discovered that too!), I’m going to counter it by drinking an extra glass of water since soda can dehydrate you.  Seems fair enough, right?

Well, there’s the end of my discovery (and my lunch hour).  Ta-ta!


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