Getcha Head in the Game!

Last Weeks Weight ~ 152.2  
Todays Weight ~ 154.2
Difference ~ +2

Wow… Weigh in was not as enjoyable today.  Luckily, I know exactly what I did this week that led to this monumental gain.  Exercise was minimal this week.  These coming weeks aren’t going to be good for exercise either since finals are this week and next, keeping be busy with studying.  This is when I hate school.  Onto other factors… (I need to lay all these out for my own sanity and honesty)

After being away from soda for so long, the Diet Coke monster inside me got more than its fill.  I had much more soda than I ever need to have in one week again.  Truth be told, I don’t need it!  It may be diet and calorie free but that doesn’t stop the sugar and sodium in those babies.  Soda just isn’t good for me.  So, I’m not going to concern myself with drinking any of that anymore.  

Then there was the cakes.  My mom made the point-free carrot cake that I love earlier in the week and I had quite a bit of that.  And then last night, my step dad decided to make chocolate cake.  This is when I wish I lived on my own, so I can control my environment better.  People have said, “but only you can control what goes in your mouth.”  For me, that is not the problem.  I indulge myself on occasion, but when it sits on your counter (because it won’t fit anywhere else), I get the mindset that it needs to disappear in order for me to not eat it so I eat all at once just to be rid of it because no one else eats it fast enough!  Plus it tastes good, and it makes my stomach happy. It’s a huge problem. If I lived on my own, I could plan my grocery list and have an emergency stash of sweets to take care of my Sweettooth when I have the points and when I really want it I haven’t even touched my Twix stash in at least a month because my step-dad keeps on making desserts.  They don’t say, “Come have some” out loud but making it is basically screaming that!  It’s like he doesn’t care that I care very deeply about my WW journey and that he’s making it very difficult for me to stay on plan. I want out, but I can’t work enough to make enough money to move out.  Curse of being a student wanting independence. 

Last week at weigh in, my Leader told me “I’d have your goal weight at 155-160,” even though I was already at 152.  I think that also had an effect on this week.  It put me in the mindset that I could loosen up a little bit.  I know went way over my 35 extra points, and I am never that bad.  

I think I just need to remember that my goal with WeightWatchers was to eat healthier so my body can be at it’s peak form.  Going back to my old habits now won’t serve anything except the scale.  I’m paying for the monthly pass and go to meetings for a reason.  A better me.  

So for this week, I’m going to monitor what goes in my mouth more and only dip into my extra points if I absolutely need to.  On top of that, I need to track more diligently.  I learned that even though I didn’t track certain things (like my extra servings of cake) they still show up on the scale.  My self-control needs a reality check.  I’m going to go through and re-read all my little WW pamphlets to get my mind in the right place.  I’m even tempted to start writing daily notes on my eTools tracker to help each day be a little more evaluative of my efforts. 

Wish me luck!


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