Quick Determination Check…


2 Weeks Ago WI ~ 151
Todays Weight ~ 152.8
Difference ~ +1.8

I’m just yo-yoing around this weight range!  I’m determined to turn this around and reach my goal. So today, I went out and bought the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.  For a twenty minute workout, it really kicks your butt!  The push ups were the toughest for me to do a lot of, which is weird because I always thought my arms were the most toned/strong part of my body… Hmm… 

And I’m going to track diligently from here on out. I leave for England in a little more than a month, and I’m going to reach my goal before then. Wish me luck! (not like my friends, who I will discuss later when I have more time)


Bad Ideas

Yep… last week I missed my meeting so I have no idea how much I weigh and the WW online tracker keeps on bugging me to update my weight.

However, I have a valid reason. My uncle passed away the weekend before so we all packed up our bags to go to California to see family and for the funeral. Unfortunately, that also meant way too much food. Family, tears, and food should never be combined into one occasion. That just spells disaster for those trying to have a healthier lifestyle. What’s worse is that some of the bad things taste so good that you have to have more! Like the M&M cookies… Let’s just say my healthy eating habits fell down the toilet for two days. 

After I got home Saturday night, I decided to workout like a maniac on Sunday to help make up for my horrible two days in California.  Did an hour of walking/jogging and a half hour of weights.  This entire week, I have only gone over my dailies once and only a smidgeon. 

Bad idea: soda… period.  A few weeks ago, the realization hit me that diet soda has zero calories and zero points so I let myself go a little crazy with soda.  I started thinking about why I stopped drinking it in the first place when I was sixteen.  And I soon realized that the reasons that made me stop are back in my life.  Soda, for whatever reason, makes it difficult for me to breath normally.  My breaths are much more shallow after drinking any kind of soda so I have to try twice as hard to get a good breath.  Not to mention that soda makes me crave more sugar.  The “diet” in the name is starting to look less friendly.  So I’m cutting it back.  When I first went off soda, I used the cold-turkey method.  I’m thinking I need to do that again.  No more soda for me.

Before writing this, there were other bad ideas… but I’m struggling to remember them now that my mind is now protesting me going down and getting a Diet Coke even though my energy is wavering just above empty.  I’m going for a walk after work… I want to be able to breathe.  If I keep repeating that, maybe that will help me stay away. 

No more soda. No more soda. No more damn soda!

So close!


Last Weeks Weight ~ 153.2  
Todays Weight ~ 151
Difference ~ -2.2


Weigh in this week shocked me! I had no idea I would lose that much… I guess my intense workouts paid off!  Only one more pound away from goal!  

Well, I’m exhausted from a day of walking around outside at a festival, then seeing Star Trek which was very good considering I’ve never watched the series before. Loved it! 

Have a good weekend everyone! *yawns widely with a smile*

Lunch Break Update

Last Weeks Weight ~ 151.8  
5/9 Weight ~ 153.2
Difference ~ +1.4

Yes, I’m very late in posting this. Saturday was my step-brother’s wedding and Sunday we had family over all day for Mother’s Day. Yesterday was back at work and then went to see Miss Saigon (which was amazing!)… So here’s my update!

The bachelorette party Friday night I think had the biggest impact on my WI because I had been OP for the rest of the week.  I guess alcohol and chocolate is not the best thing to eat/drink the night before WI.  I only had one drink and I saved points for it but I guess it didn’t sit well with my body or something.  Then the wedding!  It was bad… There was a chocolate fountain with all my favorite things to dip in (namely Nilla wafers, strawberries, pineapple, and angel food cake).  Let’s just say I went way overboard.  But a lesson came with that.  Eating those things didn’t satisfy me, in fact I felt rather sick after eating it all.  The reason I kept eating was because it tasted so good.  I couldn’t even track what I ate because I wasn’t keeping tabs on how many of each thing I ate.  Yeah, bad idea.  I never plan on doing a binge like that ever again!

Sunday was better by a mile. Had a tablespoon of yogurt with fruit when we went out for breakfast.  Off at my dad’s place we had chicken, beans, salad for lunch.  Then chicken, broccoli and rice for dinner with angel food cake topped with strawberries and FF whipped topping for dessert. That was really good, I won’t lie. :)

Now I feel like I’m back on track.  Yesterday I planned out my meals once again and had a good 45-minute workout with cardio and weights.  Today, I’m planning on doing a Body Attack class which is insanely exhausting but fun.  Yoga is supposed to be after and I love yoga, but I may have to see if I have the energy for it after the Body Attack. 

Let’s just say, there will be a workout every day for the rest of the week to counteract the binge over the weekend. Weighed myself at lunch today and it looks like I’m already starting to go back down. Let’s see if I can keep it up!

Oh and I’m cutting out soda again after I finish my pack of Diet Barqs Root Beer. All it does is make me want it more so it’s better if I just stick with water, tea, soy milk, and sugar-free koolaid.

Back in the Game!


Last Weeks Weight ~ 154.2  
Todays Weight ~ 151.8
Difference ~ -2.4



This week I tracked everything I ate and monitored my food intake a little more than the couple weeks previous where I was quite naughty… and guess what?  Being good pays off!  Yesterday when I saw the numbers, I all but jumped out of my skin!  1.8 pounds away from goal! SCORE!

Finals are finishing up at the end of this coming week and I can’t wait… where’s the fast-forward button so I don’t have to worry about it anymore?

It’s the Bachelorette Party and Wedding on Friday and Saturday that I will be concerned about.  Let’s hope I can control myself those nights. Wish me luck!

Goal this week:
Keep up with the good tracking skills I used last week :)