Lunch Break Update

Last Weeks Weight ~ 151.8  
5/9 Weight ~ 153.2
Difference ~ +1.4

Yes, I’m very late in posting this. Saturday was my step-brother’s wedding and Sunday we had family over all day for Mother’s Day. Yesterday was back at work and then went to see Miss Saigon (which was amazing!)… So here’s my update!

The bachelorette party Friday night I think had the biggest impact on my WI because I had been OP for the rest of the week.  I guess alcohol and chocolate is not the best thing to eat/drink the night before WI.  I only had one drink and I saved points for it but I guess it didn’t sit well with my body or something.  Then the wedding!  It was bad… There was a chocolate fountain with all my favorite things to dip in (namely Nilla wafers, strawberries, pineapple, and angel food cake).  Let’s just say I went way overboard.  But a lesson came with that.  Eating those things didn’t satisfy me, in fact I felt rather sick after eating it all.  The reason I kept eating was because it tasted so good.  I couldn’t even track what I ate because I wasn’t keeping tabs on how many of each thing I ate.  Yeah, bad idea.  I never plan on doing a binge like that ever again!

Sunday was better by a mile. Had a tablespoon of yogurt with fruit when we went out for breakfast.  Off at my dad’s place we had chicken, beans, salad for lunch.  Then chicken, broccoli and rice for dinner with angel food cake topped with strawberries and FF whipped topping for dessert. That was really good, I won’t lie. :)

Now I feel like I’m back on track.  Yesterday I planned out my meals once again and had a good 45-minute workout with cardio and weights.  Today, I’m planning on doing a Body Attack class which is insanely exhausting but fun.  Yoga is supposed to be after and I love yoga, but I may have to see if I have the energy for it after the Body Attack. 

Let’s just say, there will be a workout every day for the rest of the week to counteract the binge over the weekend. Weighed myself at lunch today and it looks like I’m already starting to go back down. Let’s see if I can keep it up!

Oh and I’m cutting out soda again after I finish my pack of Diet Barqs Root Beer. All it does is make me want it more so it’s better if I just stick with water, tea, soy milk, and sugar-free koolaid.


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