Quick Determination Check…


2 Weeks Ago WI ~ 151
Todays Weight ~ 152.8
Difference ~ +1.8

I’m just yo-yoing around this weight range!  I’m determined to turn this around and reach my goal. So today, I went out and bought the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.  For a twenty minute workout, it really kicks your butt!  The push ups were the toughest for me to do a lot of, which is weird because I always thought my arms were the most toned/strong part of my body… Hmm… 

And I’m going to track diligently from here on out. I leave for England in a little more than a month, and I’m going to reach my goal before then. Wish me luck! (not like my friends, who I will discuss later when I have more time)


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