Made Goal!

Previous WI ~ 151
Today’s Weight ~ 148
Difference ~ -3

So my major goal when I started WW was to reach the weight that I was in my high school senior pictures before I left for England… and this morning I made it!! Weighed in at 148 pounds on my Wii Fit! Ask my mom and my brother’s girlfriend–they were there to witness! :P

I really cannot express how thrilled I am!  Now I know I just need to try and maintain over the course of my England trip for the next couple months.

I’ve got a lot I need to do, but I thought I’d post this update really quick!

Have a great day everyone!


Way Behind!

Previous WI ~ 152.2
6/13 Weight ~ 153
Difference ~ +.8
Previous WI ~ 153
6/20 Weight ~ 151
Difference ~ -2

I just barely realized that I hadn’t posted my results for the past couple weeks *bangs head on desk*.  The 6/13 WI was actually done two days early so I could spend the weekend at Bear Lake and it was during the evening so I’m not really too concerned with that minor gain.  But the loss on 6/20 made me so happy!  That was a good week surprisingly… I had a couple candy bars so I was surprised it was that much.  But then again, a really good workout bit me real good the night before weigh in so that probably was the reason :)

Bad time to fall behind though.  It’s weird to think my last weigh in for 2 months will be this weekend.  I’m going to England to study abroad for two months and I leave next Wednesday… Yes, I’m very excited!  But I am a little concerned about food.  Supposedly their food is a little heavier over there, not to mention bland.  I’ll be walking a LOT so that may help. I bought a WW pedometer over the weekend to help track how far I will walk!

For sure, I’ll post this weekend for my last weigh in and good bye for a little bit.  I can’t really guarantee that I’ll be blogging all that much on this blog while I’m gone.  If I find the minute to blog, it will be on my Kel In Cambridge blog documenting my adventures if I can pry myself away from them long enough.

If anyone has pointers on eating healthy in Europe, especially on campus, please let me know!  Thanks :)

R.I.P. Bottle

Yesterday, a great tragedy happened… which caused a lot of laughs.  People around my office all look at me when I carry around my 72 oz bottle of water, either on my way to fill it or on my way to my desk.  The comment I get the most is, “Wow, you drink all that?” 

Well, I used to drink at least two of them a day!  Sometimes I’d even get through three.  That bottle has played a vital role in my life and not only my weight loss journey.  That was until the terrible, terrible tragedy that took place yesterday at 2:34 PM. 

My fill-up for the day was later than usual.  Upon filling my bottle, I walked up the stairs (who takes the elevator anymore? ;) ).  I get to the door that needs an access key to open and I realize my key is behind the water bottle. Of course, my other hand is occupied by my iPod.  Somehow while trying to readjust my hand so the key could hit the sensor, the water bottle slipped from my grasp, completely splitting in half upon hitting the floor.  2 liters of water sloshed all over the floor.  For a couple minutes, all I could do was stand there staring dumbfounded at my clumsiness that killed my water bottle.  I was very upset!  I started laughing… but I was still very upset!  When I walk out of the stairwell, my co-workers looked up, saw the halved water bottle and started laughing, asking what happened.  A few minutes later, I regretfully dropped my dear bottle in the janitor’s garbage. 

So with the bottom half of my pants fairly damp, I returned to my desk with a cup of tea to calm myself.  As I said before, I was upset!  Is it so weird that I grew so attached to that $3 dollar bottle? 

Today, no water bottle.  Just filling up cafeteria cups more often than I would have if I hadn’t dropped my bottle.  The thrill just isn’t there with them and it’s quite saddening.  I’ve heard about the Siggo Aluminum water bottles and I think I’m going to invest in one before I leave for England next week.  A constant flow of water is essential for my well-being during the day. 

R.I.P. $3 Bottle that I will miss ever so much. :'(


All women know that TOM sucks… Especially those trying to improve their eating habits.  Not only did mine make me nearly pass out on Monday (that strange stomach sensation has been identified and I’m sure it’s a big contributing factor especially since I didn’t eat either), but it also is inducing me with horrible cravings!  These cravings are seriously from hell!  There isn’t a specific thing I’m craving… just food in general!  Plus, I’m feeling hungry even though I just ate!  Well a couple hours ago… nonetheless, it’s a pain.  To top it off, I have to weigh in early tomorrow night instead of my normal Saturday WI and I’m worried my TOM and cravings will backfire.  I really hope not, but a girl can worry!

Had a couple tablespoons of peanut butter and that didn’t exactly help even though it did taste good.  Luckily, instead of the normal doughnuts, my coworkers brought in strawberries to snack on today. Very yummy!  In fact, they filled me up better than the peanut butter which is surprising.  Now I’m sipping peppermint tea in hopes that these cravings will stop!

What do you do to get your cravings to stop or at least subside?

Scary Morning

Last Thursday, I woke up a little earlier than normal to do the 30 Day Shred before work in hopes that a morning workout would help keep me awake for the day.  It was a good workout and I felt really good afterwards.  You’d think I’d be able to pull the same morning routine again… But you’d be wrong.

This morning, I woke up, popped in the disc and began the twenty minute workout.  Yes, I was tired but I had been tired last week when I did it to and the workout perked me up at least for a little bit.  I was actually quite proud because today was the first day I could do the push ups all the way through without a break.  By the time the second round of cardio swung around, I was wheezing worse than I had since I first started the Shred.  Luckily, there was a water bottle nearby so mini-breaks were easy to take.  Fast forward to after when I’m stretching a little more after the workout: I just want to shower.  So I hop in expecting to take a short shower so I could get off to work in a rush.  Let’s just say it was a lot shorter than it should have been.  My lower abdomen felt a little strange, and I’m not sure if it is one of the triggers for what happened. Halfway through the shower, my brain felt like it was expanding or something, making me extremely dizzy and feeling exhausted.  I put my head in between my knees while in the shower, and exhaustion seemed to spread through the rest of my body.  Quickly, I ran a soapy loofah haphazardly over those parts of my body that needed washing the most.  I can barely remember rinsing thoroughly… Walking out of the bathroom, I called for my mom to get me some water and proceeded to collapse on my bedroom floor wrapped in my towel, still soaking wet.  Got to work a lot later than I ever anticipated.  Taking it slow while getting ready seemed key.  Grabbed a couple fat-free muffins my mom made, sugar-free koolaid, and an apple for breakfast on my way out just hoping the food would help the emptiness that seemed to be filling my head. 

My head still has that strange sensation that I can’t quite describe.  My thighs are sore from doing the workout… Thinking back on it, it is hard to remember actually doing the workout!  What the heck happened?  What was so different about Thursday morning and this morning? I know I didn’t do the Shred over the weekend, since Grey’s Anatomy refused to leave my DVD set… But can two days off make the next workout make you feel this horrible?  You would think that a two day break would make you good and ready to go!  Again… What the heck?

Let’s hope I can make it through the rest of the day.


Last Weeks WI ~ 152.8
Todays Weight ~ 152.2
Difference ~ -.6
Inches ~ -3.75

Yay for losses!  Started taking body measurements last week after I bought the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.  Very intense workout for 20 minutes!  I did it 5 times this week and can see and feel a difference in my body as well as my endurance.  That with diligent tracking = a loss!  

Shopping has taken over my addictions… I realized that I’ve spent more money on goods than ever since I started. Partially because I need new clothes to fit my leaner body.  But then my mind says, “I’ve done well!  Let’s celebrate with a book/movie/music!” and I end up going overboard! I’m supposed to be saving for my Cambridge Summer Abroad… Technically a lot of my money these past couple months has gone to that cause though so I guess I can’t beat myself up. The books aren’t too bad if you go for the bargain stuff. 

I’m going to keep this up and hopefully I’ll reach my goal by the time I leave! 2.2 pounds in 3-4 weeks? Possible… Let’s get to work :)