Last Weeks WI ~ 152.8
Todays Weight ~ 152.2
Difference ~ -.6
Inches ~ -3.75

Yay for losses!  Started taking body measurements last week after I bought the 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels.  Very intense workout for 20 minutes!  I did it 5 times this week and can see and feel a difference in my body as well as my endurance.  That with diligent tracking = a loss!  

Shopping has taken over my addictions… I realized that I’ve spent more money on goods than ever since I started. Partially because I need new clothes to fit my leaner body.  But then my mind says, “I’ve done well!  Let’s celebrate with a book/movie/music!” and I end up going overboard! I’m supposed to be saving for my Cambridge Summer Abroad… Technically a lot of my money these past couple months has gone to that cause though so I guess I can’t beat myself up. The books aren’t too bad if you go for the bargain stuff. 

I’m going to keep this up and hopefully I’ll reach my goal by the time I leave! 2.2 pounds in 3-4 weeks? Possible… Let’s get to work :)


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