All women know that TOM sucks… Especially those trying to improve their eating habits.  Not only did mine make me nearly pass out on Monday (that strange stomach sensation has been identified and I’m sure it’s a big contributing factor especially since I didn’t eat either), but it also is inducing me with horrible cravings!  These cravings are seriously from hell!  There isn’t a specific thing I’m craving… just food in general!  Plus, I’m feeling hungry even though I just ate!  Well a couple hours ago… nonetheless, it’s a pain.  To top it off, I have to weigh in early tomorrow night instead of my normal Saturday WI and I’m worried my TOM and cravings will backfire.  I really hope not, but a girl can worry!

Had a couple tablespoons of peanut butter and that didn’t exactly help even though it did taste good.  Luckily, instead of the normal doughnuts, my coworkers brought in strawberries to snack on today. Very yummy!  In fact, they filled me up better than the peanut butter which is surprising.  Now I’m sipping peppermint tea in hopes that these cravings will stop!

What do you do to get your cravings to stop or at least subside?


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