R.I.P. Bottle

Yesterday, a great tragedy happened… which caused a lot of laughs.  People around my office all look at me when I carry around my 72 oz bottle of water, either on my way to fill it or on my way to my desk.  The comment I get the most is, “Wow, you drink all that?” 

Well, I used to drink at least two of them a day!  Sometimes I’d even get through three.  That bottle has played a vital role in my life and not only my weight loss journey.  That was until the terrible, terrible tragedy that took place yesterday at 2:34 PM. 

My fill-up for the day was later than usual.  Upon filling my bottle, I walked up the stairs (who takes the elevator anymore? ;) ).  I get to the door that needs an access key to open and I realize my key is behind the water bottle. Of course, my other hand is occupied by my iPod.  Somehow while trying to readjust my hand so the key could hit the sensor, the water bottle slipped from my grasp, completely splitting in half upon hitting the floor.  2 liters of water sloshed all over the floor.  For a couple minutes, all I could do was stand there staring dumbfounded at my clumsiness that killed my water bottle.  I was very upset!  I started laughing… but I was still very upset!  When I walk out of the stairwell, my co-workers looked up, saw the halved water bottle and started laughing, asking what happened.  A few minutes later, I regretfully dropped my dear bottle in the janitor’s garbage. 

So with the bottom half of my pants fairly damp, I returned to my desk with a cup of tea to calm myself.  As I said before, I was upset!  Is it so weird that I grew so attached to that $3 dollar bottle? 

Today, no water bottle.  Just filling up cafeteria cups more often than I would have if I hadn’t dropped my bottle.  The thrill just isn’t there with them and it’s quite saddening.  I’ve heard about the Siggo Aluminum water bottles and I think I’m going to invest in one before I leave for England next week.  A constant flow of water is essential for my well-being during the day. 

R.I.P. $3 Bottle that I will miss ever so much. :'(


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