Way Behind!

Previous WI ~ 152.2
6/13 Weight ~ 153
Difference ~ +.8
Previous WI ~ 153
6/20 Weight ~ 151
Difference ~ -2

I just barely realized that I hadn’t posted my results for the past couple weeks *bangs head on desk*.  The 6/13 WI was actually done two days early so I could spend the weekend at Bear Lake and it was during the evening so I’m not really too concerned with that minor gain.  But the loss on 6/20 made me so happy!  That was a good week surprisingly… I had a couple candy bars so I was surprised it was that much.  But then again, a really good workout bit me real good the night before weigh in so that probably was the reason :)

Bad time to fall behind though.  It’s weird to think my last weigh in for 2 months will be this weekend.  I’m going to England to study abroad for two months and I leave next Wednesday… Yes, I’m very excited!  But I am a little concerned about food.  Supposedly their food is a little heavier over there, not to mention bland.  I’ll be walking a LOT so that may help. I bought a WW pedometer over the weekend to help track how far I will walk!

For sure, I’ll post this weekend for my last weigh in and good bye for a little bit.  I can’t really guarantee that I’ll be blogging all that much on this blog while I’m gone.  If I find the minute to blog, it will be on my Kel In Cambridge blog documenting my adventures if I can pry myself away from them long enough.

If anyone has pointers on eating healthy in Europe, especially on campus, please let me know!  Thanks :)


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