New Things…

I bought a scale last week- Woohoo! It’s pretty cool; it can measure fat and water percentage in the body. Reviews said those tend to fluctuate and aren’t as accurate but the general scale worked pretty well. Question though- does it matter if a scale sits on a hard surface or carpet? Will it make a difference in the measurements?

So the following morning, before hopping into the shower, I stepped on. And it beeped up at me: 161 lb, 32% fat, and 46% water. That’s lower than my last weigh in! Of course, at weigh in I normally have on my lightest clothes whereas this morning I was in the buff. But still, good to see that I’m doing well :) However, I will say that the 32% fat threw me a little. According to this article, it’s at the high end of what my body fat should for being under 39 . At least its not over! But still– makes me want to up my strength training =) 

There were a few days where my motivation has meandered on the side lines, I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite things about the program to help boost it back. There is one that has been standing out: trying new foods… and loving it! Since my parents divorced when I was young and money was on short supply, we basically lived off of ramen noodles and mac&cheese. My tastebuds were very inexperienced but when my mom married my step-dad, he would cook all kinds of things for us but I didn’t want to budge from my simple tastes. Yes, I’ve gotten better over the years but it wasn’t until WW that I tried new foods and built a tolerance for foods that aren’t necessarily my favorite (like asparagus). I’ve tried hummus, greek yogurt (didn’t like that much, but I tried!), blackberries, and several healthy recipes… Almost every new thing I’ve tried, I end up liking. Sea food is still exempt because it’s just disgusting and always will be. But besides that, I feel like WW has happened the door to trying new foods and recipes that are GOOD for me :)

Yay for new healthy foods and a new scale to help me stay on track! =)


New Outlook Needed?

You’re a Weight Loss Optimist.
You know it’s all about attitude, and that’s why you’re on your way to success. “Vision is very important when it comes to achieving goals, and vision is all about optimism,” says Katherine Tallmadge, MA, RD, author of Diet Simple (LifeLine Press, 2004). “You have to be able to see yourself where you want to be.”
However, says Dr. Misty Hook, assistant professor of psychology at Texas Women’s University in Denton, Texas, “If your outlook is too long-range, there is a danger of become discouraged and giving up.” The trick to preventing this? Break your ultimate weight goal down into smaller, more manageable goals, and be sure to applaud yourself with each achievement.

This is what it said when I took the “What’s your weight loss outlook?” quiz.

Then what the heck? Why have I been struggling to get back on track since England?

Upon returning home, I was talking to a friend I saw not even a week before I left and I told her I had gained about 8 pounds back from when I left. Her direct words were: “I’m sure you’re normal now… you were much too skinny before.” That didn’t hurt me the way someone would expect. The thing was, I was perfectly happy with my body before I left. I felt good and I looked better than I have since high school!
Yes, this friend has been on “diets” and I even tried to talk her into WW when she seemed interested (money was an issue). I’m not sure if what she said was jealousy driven or if she honestly thought that…

Since then, my motivation has been a bit caput. And I want to get back on track, I really do. But it doesn’t help when my mom has basically stopped doing WW either (money yet again)… When it was both of us, it was easy to plan family dinners. But now that its just me, its much harder.

And right now, some pants I fit in before I left I can’t even get into. Tried them on yesterday and it was pretty depressing. That’s definitely motivation to get my rear in gear.

So I’m trying to be optimistic! I’ve joined the Back on Track Challenge and plan on buying a scale tonight or tomorrow.

Struggling to come back…

From July 1 to August 22, I was all over England and Ireland.  Study abroad, you know, plus some traveling on the side. Truth be told, I miss it horribly.  Part of it was not concerning myself with WW. I was in a new place and I wanted to experience it fully, food included. And I did… Probably more than I should. During the first few days when I was in London, I actually lost weight seeing as I had to buy new jeans because all of them were loose after walking all day every day for four days.  Plus during that time, I had a good hearty breakfast that usually included tea, OJ, yogurt, berry cereal, and home made bread and jam (which was so good!)… My B&B owner was getting her Masters in Nutrition so I did pretty well there.  Then if I found time or even remembered to eat lunch, I’d get something small like a wrap or something similar. I was far too busy seeing things and being fascinated by everything to eat at that point. For dinner, I’d almost always try something new (that is, once again, if I remembered to eat!) and I ended up trying Italian, Turkish, Indian, and Chinese food.  I quickly discovered that pasta and pizza was ten-times better than in America though. And of course, I had to try the British staple of Fish and Chips…. Yeah not so much a fish fan (unless it was slathered in tartar sauce), but I did enjoy the chips very much!  Since the drinking age there is 18, I tried a few drinks as well–a particular favorite being cider.

There was one thing about the food in England and Ireland that I LOVED… Everything was so fresh and tasty!  Nearly everything was all-natural and without preservatives. Like the vegetables and fruits, I’ve never tasted anything like them. I got home and had a salad and was horribly disappointed in the quality.  Ok back to the other food stuff, since I feel all of this should be said.

When I got to Cambridge, I didn’t have the meal plan so I was a frequent shopper at the nearby Sainsbury’s. My stock normally consisted of probiotic fruit yogurt (which was divine because the fruits tasted so fresh!), breakfast bars, Alpin low-cal fruit snack bars, bread, turkey, low sugar oatmeal, low fat cheese, peanut butter, raspberry jam, instant soup mix (particularly tomato), carrots, and apples. Sounds pretty good right for not being able to really cook anything?  When I stayed to the confines of my room to eat, I generally did okay!  It was when I ventured out to experience new things that I got in trouble. I found several restaurants that I loved… and some desserts that I soon figured out would be hard to give up (like my caramel slices and English chocolate).  Like the pizza and pasta, the chocolate and sweets over there were amazing! Nearly every meal had a dessert… either that, or it was at least one chocolate bar a day. Ooooh, or the yummy cookies that the buttery made daily and were only 35p each or 1.50 for 5. Then there was the amazing tuna paninis at the buttery as well as the hot chocolate from Cafe Nero and the late night burger runs with the guy that I ended up really liking near the end of the program. Not to mention the pizza and cola I used to keep myself awake and alert enough to write coherent essays the week they were due. And the chocolate bars that were constantly available. I seriously brought home 5 pounds of English chocolate for my family to try… we still have leftovers. In fact, I just finished a bar. Yes, I’m that addicted. I need help.

In London I was constantly active, from 10 in the morning until 10 at night.  Whereas in Cambridge, I didn’t walk as much because of classes and hanging out with friends at the bars, downing ciders, vodka mixers and other alcoholic treats. Yeah– in the world of WW — all of this would be considered NOT BEHAVING! To be honest, I really couldn’t care less. I was having a blast and I still fit into the clothes that I brought with me.

Ireland became a whole new ball game… well in one way at least. With Ireland came Guinness… with black currant (as pointed out by a new friend I made my first night at a pub). Divinity! Oh my goodness… I will forever owe Nadine a debt because of her invaluable drinking tips. So pretty much, I had one every night of the five days I was there if not more! The locals were surprised how easily I managed to down a pint of Guinness. It was love at first sip :P

The after hellish airport experiences, I flew to Minneapolis over night and wanted to get a drink only to realize, “I’m not old enough to drink here yet!” Yeah, pretty sure I was pissed as it was the only time in my life that I ever felt I actually needed a Guinness. Well, I only have one more month left (exactly!) until I’m 21 then I won’t have this problem.

So now I’m home! With my resolve and determination for WW completely shot. My first week back, I didn’t go to a meeting because my normal WI day is Saturday and my schedule doesn’t really allow me to go any other day (I started school not even two days after returning home… I’m crazy, I know). So I had that week to try and get all my bad eating habits out of the way. Weighed in that Saturday to find that I gained about 8 pounds back from when I left.  Considering how much food and alcohol I consumed, I’m surprised it wasn’t more.

First week back, I did pretty well… losing .8 pounds.  But this past week, I just lost it! I seriously don’t know what is going on. Could be the stress I’m under at school and work, or the drama with the fact that I’m falling for someone I shouldn’t and it’s taking all my restraint to not kiss him.  Chocolate is the only real cure for that… Friends don’t cut it. Mine don’t anyways because they all have boyfriends or hubbies. It doesn’t really help that my family buys candy or makes sweets often because I have the biggest sweet tooth in my family. I know people will say “Only you can control what goes in your mouth and it’s not their fault.” That does NOT help. In fact, it just worsens my problem!
My mind has been going back and forth on quitting WW because I’m young and I shouldn’t have to worry about this kind of stuff. And then I rebut myself by saying well you’ll be back there if you gain more weight back! It’s a horrible cycle and I don’t like it. Somehow, WW has lost its appeal for me. I need something to rejuvenate my enthusiasm for the program.

I know this is uber long but I really needed to get this all out. I’m really struggling… and I never thought I would struggle with this. Up until I left for the UK, I was always quite enthused about the program and I loved it. I want it back but I’m finding it difficult to bind myself back in.

Here’s to trying to get my drive back up! *clinks empty Guinness glass*