New Outlook Needed?

You’re a Weight Loss Optimist.
You know it’s all about attitude, and that’s why you’re on your way to success. “Vision is very important when it comes to achieving goals, and vision is all about optimism,” says Katherine Tallmadge, MA, RD, author of Diet Simple (LifeLine Press, 2004). “You have to be able to see yourself where you want to be.”
However, says Dr. Misty Hook, assistant professor of psychology at Texas Women’s University in Denton, Texas, “If your outlook is too long-range, there is a danger of become discouraged and giving up.” The trick to preventing this? Break your ultimate weight goal down into smaller, more manageable goals, and be sure to applaud yourself with each achievement.

This is what it said when I took the “What’s your weight loss outlook?” quiz.

Then what the heck? Why have I been struggling to get back on track since England?

Upon returning home, I was talking to a friend I saw not even a week before I left and I told her I had gained about 8 pounds back from when I left. Her direct words were: “I’m sure you’re normal now… you were much too skinny before.” That didn’t hurt me the way someone would expect. The thing was, I was perfectly happy with my body before I left. I felt good and I looked better than I have since high school!
Yes, this friend has been on “diets” and I even tried to talk her into WW when she seemed interested (money was an issue). I’m not sure if what she said was jealousy driven or if she honestly thought that…

Since then, my motivation has been a bit caput. And I want to get back on track, I really do. But it doesn’t help when my mom has basically stopped doing WW either (money yet again)… When it was both of us, it was easy to plan family dinners. But now that its just me, its much harder.

And right now, some pants I fit in before I left I can’t even get into. Tried them on yesterday and it was pretty depressing. That’s definitely motivation to get my rear in gear.

So I’m trying to be optimistic! I’ve joined the Back on Track Challenge and plan on buying a scale tonight or tomorrow.


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