New Things…

I bought a scale last week- Woohoo! It’s pretty cool; it can measure fat and water percentage in the body. Reviews said those tend to fluctuate and aren’t as accurate but the general scale worked pretty well. Question though- does it matter if a scale sits on a hard surface or carpet? Will it make a difference in the measurements?

So the following morning, before hopping into the shower, I stepped on. And it beeped up at me: 161 lb, 32% fat, and 46% water. That’s lower than my last weigh in! Of course, at weigh in I normally have on my lightest clothes whereas this morning I was in the buff. But still, good to see that I’m doing well :) However, I will say that the 32% fat threw me a little. According to this article, it’s at the high end of what my body fat should for being under 39 . At least its not over! But still– makes me want to up my strength training =) 

There were a few days where my motivation has meandered on the side lines, I’ve been thinking about some of my favorite things about the program to help boost it back. There is one that has been standing out: trying new foods… and loving it! Since my parents divorced when I was young and money was on short supply, we basically lived off of ramen noodles and mac&cheese. My tastebuds were very inexperienced but when my mom married my step-dad, he would cook all kinds of things for us but I didn’t want to budge from my simple tastes. Yes, I’ve gotten better over the years but it wasn’t until WW that I tried new foods and built a tolerance for foods that aren’t necessarily my favorite (like asparagus). I’ve tried hummus, greek yogurt (didn’t like that much, but I tried!), blackberries, and several healthy recipes… Almost every new thing I’ve tried, I end up liking. Sea food is still exempt because it’s just disgusting and always will be. But besides that, I feel like WW has happened the door to trying new foods and recipes that are GOOD for me :)

Yay for new healthy foods and a new scale to help me stay on track! =)


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