Birthday Battles

Yep! My birthday was a couple days ago (October 13th to be exact) and I’m now 21. The big age in America because it’s when you are legally old enough to drink alcohol. But it’s not the alcohol I’m struggling with… it’s the cake. And the fact that I’m on fall break meaning I have way too much time on my hands which is wonderful, but it also means I fill my hands with little snacks. In particular the delectable chocolate mint creams that the Finnish family brought over when they visited us and whipped cream. I’ve eaten so much of those over the past three days that there’s no way they can be counted. So tracking fell by the wayside for two days.

I’m back on tracking now so that’s a start and I’m trying to plan healthy meals to make up for those two days. However, there is a chocolate cake on our counter that my mom made on Sunday, a cheesecake in the outdoor fridge (my cake of choice for my b-day dinner), and a chocolate fudge cake that will be arriving at my birthday bar celebration that is taking place on Saturday. Oh, boy… Not to mention the Guinness that my step dad bought for me. I had one on my birthday. In all honesty, I don’t want to drink the rest because it isn’t as good as it was in Ireland. Not by a long shot. Good thing about Guinness though– low points for an alcoholic beverage.

Then there is this weekend. With the chocolate fudge cake. And the bar. I have no idea how I’m going to stay on plan. Especially since it’s my birthday and that was my excuse on Tuesday for every food decision I made (which involved a Whopper Jr. and Barqs). I know that’s going to be the excuse again. No one will influence me… It’s my choice. But if people buy me drinks that’s a different story. Oh, boy…

And after the party, I’ll get back on track. No if’s, and’s, or but’s about it. As much as I’m excited to celebrate my newfound freedom to go into bars and order a drink if I so please (won’t happen often since my fave drinks aren’t even in America!)– I can’t wait for it to be over so I can behave like my Leader tells me.

Oh crap! He’s going to tell us to behave Saturday morning and I’m going to be partying that night… oh boy. I’m debating whether I even want to go to WI. I know it won’t do me any favors but I know I’m going to gain. It’s almost a certainty. Why not skip and do better next week after the festivities (which I know I can do)?


Office Doughnuts

So the president of my department brought in doughnuts for everyone today. I’ve had no problem saying no… until now. When I got up to use the restroom a couple minutes ago, my nose caught a glorious whiff of them. It doesn’t help that I’m hungry for lunch prematurely. So now I’m struggling a little with whether I should eat one or not.

I have brewed a cup of green tea. If afterward I’m still peckish for a doughnut, I’m thinking I can afford one. I’ve looked up the points and even though I won’t get in my GHG’s like I have every other day this week, I can arrange my dinner to fit within the 9 points I’ll have left after my planned lunch and doughtnut (if I so choose to eat one).

Besides not getting enough sleep, I’ve been very OP so far this week (mine starts on Saturday). I’ve gotten all my GHG’s and worked out every day earning 3-4 APs a day. Surprisingly, I stayed in control all weekend! Today I have to skip my workout to attend my friends wedding reception. Maybe a little indulgence right now won’t hurt?

To be honest, I cannot remember the last time I had a doughnut… Before I started WW 10 months ago for sure! It’s not that I’ve sworn myself off of them, but they don’t help serve my purpose of eating healthier.

Ok, it’s decided: If I’m still hungry after this tea, I’m having one doughnut.

30 Minutes Later~ The doughnut was soooo worth it! I love that you can indulge with WW as long as you tracked… and it’s already in my tracker :)

Break the Habit!

See full size imageUsually when I indulge in crazy sweets, I don’t track. I know it’s an awful habit to havebecause no matter if you track it or not, it still shows. Of my current goals right now, tracking more honestly is a challenge yet it is probably my most important.

For example, yesterday we had our first frost. And what does that signal my body? Winter is coming. I don’t do cold at all so I tend to turn to warm food/drink alternatives when clothes just aren’t enough to warm the chill inside my chest. This time last year, I would close out each night with a nice warm cup of Stephen’s hot cocoa and a fresh cookie or brownie. And guess what? I fell into that habit last night all too easily. Last night, I had a steaming cup of Stephens… along with a considerable slice of warm chocolate cake.

The good part about this– I tracked it. I tracked it. Usually when I indulge like this, I don’t track because I’m afraid to see the numbers in my online tracker dip below my daily point allotment, or worse, on the scale. But this time, I tracked it! I still can’t believe it. I went nearly ten points over my daily allotment of points.

I’ve discovered that I’m not an emotional eater, I’m an atmosphere eater. Because of this, I’m slightly afraid for the rest of the cold season. Will I be able to control myself? I certainly hope so. And if I continue to work on my tracking, I may be able to make it out alive! :)

A quote I heard on my fave blog (IowaGirlEats) may help me through this: How will this choice help me get closer to my goal?
Isn’t that such a great question to ask yourself before you eat that last piece of cake or debate whether or not to go on a walk or to the gym? This is going to be my mantra for the next while :)