Office Doughnuts

So the president of my department brought in doughnuts for everyone today. I’ve had no problem saying no… until now. When I got up to use the restroom a couple minutes ago, my nose caught a glorious whiff of them. It doesn’t help that I’m hungry for lunch prematurely. So now I’m struggling a little with whether I should eat one or not.

I have brewed a cup of green tea. If afterward I’m still peckish for a doughnut, I’m thinking I can afford one. I’ve looked up the points and even though I won’t get in my GHG’s like I have every other day this week, I can arrange my dinner to fit within the 9 points I’ll have left after my planned lunch and doughtnut (if I so choose to eat one).

Besides not getting enough sleep, I’ve been very OP so far this week (mine starts on Saturday). I’ve gotten all my GHG’s and worked out every day earning 3-4 APs a day. Surprisingly, I stayed in control all weekend! Today I have to skip my workout to attend my friends wedding reception. Maybe a little indulgence right now won’t hurt?

To be honest, I cannot remember the last time I had a doughnut… Before I started WW 10 months ago for sure! It’s not that I’ve sworn myself off of them, but they don’t help serve my purpose of eating healthier.

Ok, it’s decided: If I’m still hungry after this tea, I’m having one doughnut.

30 Minutes Later~ The doughnut was soooo worth it! I love that you can indulge with WW as long as you tracked… and it’s already in my tracker :)


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