Not prone to emotional eating…

But yesterday was really bad. I think I ate like 5 pieces of pizza plus some of the cinnamon sticks… And a kit kat bar earlier. Chocolate sometimes helps but I had it before the worst drama hit. GRRR!

I came back from Vegas Sunday and said goodbye to my “friend”. Usually when I reach for comfort food, it’s because of the temperature outside. Last night, it’s purely emotional and I hate myself for it: I miss the fun I had in Vegas and I’m pissed off at a possible realization about my friend. Of course, I’m going to do my best to pick myself back up for the rest of the week but it may be more difficult than I’m anticipating.
For sure going to the gym tomorrow night. I’ve made that date with myself for the past two days and I’m sticking to that at least!
Morning update: Ready for a better day! =)

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