Hey, Good-Looking…

Considering Vegas was a challenge this past weekend, this week looks like it’s playing out pretty well! Hello, good-looking week! You are much appreciated! =)

Ever since I’ve been home, I’ve been having at least one fruit/veggie with every meal. Last night, I even called my dad out on not having any at our weekly dinner and he let me prepare a salad. Then I polished off the rest of my tablespoon of dressing with carrots. Very tasty and healthy! Eating right instills a great feeling of accomplishment particularly when said meal was thought to be a challenge.

Not to mention, I had a kick-A workout at the gym yesterday. Completed 70 minutes on the elliptical doing intervals with a GREAT average heart rate of 149 (my ideal for fat burning supposedly). Following that, I did resistance training, abs, and a little bit of weights for about 30 minutes. Then it was a ten minute cool down on the treadmill while watching Grey’s Anatomy. All in all, 6 APs and a fantastic workout!

I’m not an advocate for weighing myself everyday, but I checked in the day after I returned from Vegas and again this morning to make sure I’m on the right track. The first time I checked, I had maintained from my last WI (with Vegas in between? I was in shock). And then this morning it looks like I’m down a little and on the right track to have a great WI tomorrow morning. *does a happy dance*

On another note, I recently started following Bop Harper on Twitter (male trainer on Biggest Loser, aka: my new fave show) and everyday he posts a challenge for his followers to try and accomplish. I’ve done a couple this week and it’s very fun to try! His challenge for the weekend is to get an hour of cardio from today until Sunday. Can yoga count as cardio since that’s what I usually do on Sundays?

Do you like having someone give you a challenge periodically to keep you on top of your game or to even motivate you to try something new or push past your comfort zone?

Yesterday’s workout, consuming more fruits/veggies, and BL in all its wonderfulness is definitely providing the motivation I’ve been searching for these past couple weeks… And this time, I’m going to work my darndest on keeping it with me! =)


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