Preparing for the Holidays!

Previous WI ~ 159.6
Today’s Weight ~ 159
Difference ~ -.6

I realized yesterday I haven’t posted weigh-in updates since I came home, so I thought I’d jump on that again =)

The lady who took my weight was really really confused today. I think she was looking at the wrong numbers and getting her mind scrambled because, well ultimately, I was the one who was right! But either way, a loss is a loss and now I’m only 6 pounds away from goal! I can taste it! It’s that close! This seriously is motivating me to really do well during the challenging holiday season.

Won’t lie, I’m a tad scared for the holidays. It will be my first one while on WW.  I’ve picked up on a couple pointers that I think will help:

  • Use smaller plates.
  • Play with the kids… they’ll give you some APs!
  • Christmas decorating can also give you some activity, like trimming the tree or putting up lights. Lifting things and hauling them up from the basement in my case :P
  • Stock up on fruits and veggies during those family meals where everyone brings a little something.
  • During said meals, if you want to try something harder to track– try it! Only take a small portion! Portions are everything!
  • Give leftovers away to someone else.  Same with that extra candy after Christmas.
  • Think of how you want to feel at that first weigh-in after the New Year… Elated that you gained very little, maintained or lost (gasp!)?  Or depressed because your not-so-small gain from the holidays? I’ll take the former!

With these (and hopefully more I’ll learn in the near future) can help with this.  I really want to be as successful with WW as I can during the holidays. It’s closer than we think!


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