Operation Happy Body

Inspired by madtownmotzie on the WW website and her Operation Disney Bod, and her challenge Operation: Create Your Own… I’ve decided to embark on my own operation: Operation Happy Body!

Since I’m now in maintenance stage, my main objective is to do just that–maintain my losses.  But I don’t want my motivation for WW to go down just because I’ve hit my weight goal, so I’m really glad madtownmotzie came up with this idea and supports people “borrowing” her idea =)

I need a little background on one thing to help explain why I’m doing certain things… In August 2008, I started getting really awful stomach pains right beneath my ribs. They’d last about 2 hours and would completely cripple me.  The triggers are not known.  All I know is nothing would help the pain–not painkillers, food, water… nothing.  I just had to endure the pain every couple days.  After consulting with a few doctors over the past year, they still aren’t sure what it is.

There was a period during spring when they stopped for a couple weeks.  And this past summer while in England, for reasons beyond my imagination, the pains completely stopped.  But upon returning home two months later, they returned full force.  My doctor gave me three months worth of Prilosec to see if it helped.  So every day for three months starting at the end of September, I took Prilosec at the beginning of the day.  Haven’t had a stomach pain since. Well, except the ONE day I forgot to take it and forgot to bring the bottle with me in case it did happen… yeah that was NOT fun.  So now I’ve finished my dosages, and I met with a stomach surgeon to see what she would recommend a couple weeks ago.  She said once I’m off the meds, the symptoms would return if it were something other than an acid problem after a couple weeks.  But she told me certain foods/drinks could trigger the acid symptoms and to avoid them if that is what the problem is.  That’s how the idea behind Operation Happy Body began.

So onto what I want to do in Operation Happy Body as far as keeping my tummy happy (and pain-free):

  • Cut out soda completely even diet.  I’ve gone cold turkey before and I stayed off soda for two years… won’t be hard to do again.
  • Limit my tea consumption to 1 a day =( 
  • Limit chocolate and alcohol to a couple times a week and only in small amounts.  Alcohol shouldn’t be a challenge, but chocolate will be.   I’m a chocolate fiend.  But if it’s not around, then I won’t want it so I’m going to work on not having it around. 
  • Refrain from eating fatty foods. 

Now to the things that will make my body happy overall:

  • Get at least 30 minutes of activity 4-5 days of the week.  What better way to boost your spirits than with endorphins? =)
  • Paint my finger nails and make my hands pretty frequently so I won’t bite them (which is really really bad for my lock jaw)
  • Start doing my jaw exercises again
  • Take my jaw vitamins every day after dinner since they are also great for the rest of my body too.
  • Floss every night… I struggle there, but I really want to change it. So I will!  Also, did you know that not flossing can lead to heart disease?  My body will be happy about that for sure!
  • Set a consistent bedtime of 10:30 and stick to it at least Sunday through Thursday.  Sleep is important too!  And if I get enough sleep, then I’m not grumpy ;)

That’s all I can really think of for the moment.  If I feel something else should be added, then it will be. 

Overall objectives:  To not have those stomach pains.  Have my jaw be in tip-top shape.  Feel healthy, active, and not exhausted.  And keep my weight the same ;)

Time Frame:  I’d like to do this until the beginning of May… but if these all work, then I’m game for letting it go on for however long I want! =)


My Christmas Week

Pretty much this past week was tracking-less. Today is my first day tracking again. But to be honest… it’s not bothering me as much as I thought it would.

The reason for not tracking Sunday through Tuesday was that we were in Sun Valley skiing and my laptop never opened once on that trip. I barely even had my phone on me. Fun was to be had, so I had it. I felt I made pretty good choices as far as food goes. Plus, the skiing probably made up for the rest of my points. And the highlight of the trip? Having Greg Kinnear at the table next to us during lunch on Monday! My mom was in such a tizzy XD

Then Wednesday and Thursday were family dinner days where absolutely delicious yummies were made (candied yams!!). There is was a little harder to stick to plan. Not to mention my grandparents bought my favorite pie (French Silk from Village Inn) for Christmas Eve dinner. Yeah, pretty sure none of that is conducive to maintaining weight.

Friday through yesterday was an effort to be rid of all the junk food. AKA shove it all down my throat. The quicker its gone, the quicker I can’t eat it. That’s bad, I know. But when it tastes so good it doesn’t seem so bad.

I was just happy to see my whole family! I enjoyed the food. I’ll admit, besides skiing I didn’t really exercise. We tried to go to the gym on Christmas Eve but our gym closed at 3 o’clock and we got there at 2:52. Lame sauce!

But for Christmas I got 2 Jillian Michaels’ DVDs that I can’t wait to bust into! And my mom bought me a Zumba workout outfit that is sooo stinking cute. On top of loving Zumba, wearing that outfit will make me just wanna “shake it” regardless if its Zumba or not! My dad also bought me a new yoga mat and a calorie/step counter too. Gotta put all that stuff to good use, don’t I? ;)

So here’s to a much more active 2010! Lifetime… I’m on my way =)

My Saturday Morning Meeting

For some reason, I feel like I’d be doing an injustice by not talking about my meetings in my blog.  So here’s a blog dedicated to it!

The Saturday 8 AM meeting has been my meeting of choice ever since I began.  Though sometimes I’ll sleep in and go to the 10 AM one.  Lately, I’ve come to realize that it’s better to weigh in at the same time every weekend and it also gets me up and going for the day (even if I stayed up way too late partying on Fridays!).  I love my meeting, truly!
My Leader is pretty swell. He’s a funny guy… In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if he was the right fit for me so I tried out one other meeting at my WW location because people had said that leader was really motivational.  Yeah, I went and I could see how people thought she could be motivational–but not for me. Her meetings were very strongly centered on facts, pushing yourself and exercising which I don’t mind but it seemed SO structured and just… impersonal.  I finally realized how good I had it with my Saturday Leader. What I love about his meetings is that in the beginning, he asks everyone how their week went and what worked or didn’t work for them. I love the feeling of community we have in our meeting! Everyone has a story and their own struggles–not everyone is the same and its great to hear about people’s successes!  Even their trials give me something to think about.  And then we get to the weekly topic, where he’ll give his input then ask everyone else how they would handle said topic.  So yes, I’m very grateful to have a wonderful leader who makes the meeting about the members.
There is also one particular person that I can’t wait to see on the weekends. She’s really outgoing, friendly, and always giving people a laugh during the meetings. We sit close if not next to each other when we are both at the meeting.  We always help motivate each other to do well in the coming week. This morning she wasn’t there though, and it felt weird not having her there! Ah… I guess I’ll just have to see her when holiday break is done.
Probably one of the more recent reasons for me liking to go is that I have a bit of a growing attraction to a guy in my meetings. I always thought he was a good looking guy, and he’s a fan of the university I go to. I’m too nervous to say hello though, and I know I shouldn’t be. He always comes and sits with a woman that I assume to be his mom since they have a few similar features.  But yeah he’s cute =)
So that’s my schpeel on my meetings… I’ll miss them until they start up again after the new year. They really help me!
I’m going to Idaho for a skiing trip tomorrow for a couple days and I’m so excited!
I hope you all have lovely holidays!

Bit of a Scale Fiend

I’m not saying I hop on it everyday. Only a couple times a week to make sure I’m heading in the right direction… I hate being surprised on WI.

I think I’m doing this in a smart way. Whatever number is on the scale doesn’t affect my mood, only my determination. If I’m up a little, I remind myself that I need to exercise a little more. And if I’m down, I have the motivation to continue. It’s a win-win as far as keeping to the program goes so I see no problem with hopping on a couple times a week.

Except I was really, really dumb last night and stepped on just because I hadn’t gotten a chance to really workout this week yet. I was supposed to do the elliptical when I got home last night, but a certain guy said he was in town and wanted to come see me, which I gladly accepted! Sad news though, I was up a couple pounds… eeesh! Scared me a little since I’m supposed to be maintaining.

This morning made me scratch my head though. I was the exact same as my last WI! I know weight fluctuates from day to day but 3 pounds in the course of less than 12 hours? It just seems like a lot. Haha!

Now I’m going to go back to just weighing first thing in the morning a couple times a week and NEVER at night. :P

Couple days into Maintenance

And I want a new title for my blog! I’m not supposed to lose anymore so my current blog name is a little dated, don’t you think? But I want it to be an original title… Here are a couple name’s I’ve been playing with. Let me know what you think is most fitting/creative.

  • Maintaining DIW (which would stand for Do-It-WeightWatchers Way)
  • Keeping it the Same
  • The Six Week Sweat

If you have any other ideas along those lines, let me know. I’d love input on this.

Other than that, these past couple days definitely have not been my best. Tracking got a little sketchy on Sunday for sure.

What is really bad is that me and my step dad have the same taste in candy and he says he buys them for him. Why would he need a 70 oz. bag of peanut m&m’s to himself? And I tend to have the awful mindset that if it’s not here, I can’t eat it. Which means I eat it all just to get it out of the house. It’s bad… no it’s awful and I know that. I’ve asked him not to buy them (along with Reese’s peanut butter cups) but he doesn’t really care.

This is when I desperately want to move out. I know that if I had control over the shopping, I would make really good choices. Eating healthy is absolutely wonderful to me and I really enjoy it. I’m a firm believer that if there is no temptations in the house, I won’t crave them. It’s just how I am. Out of house, out of mind, which means it stays out of my tummy.

Back on track today–planned my day out.
Apple & oatmeal for breakfast.
A lean cuisine & a cup of blueberries for lunch, and my favorite little clemmies for my afternoon snack.
Dinner is at Chili’s with my grandma, so I’m going to have my staple of the Guiltless Chicken sandwich. I’m still debating whether I’ll want a cup of broccoli and cheese soup since I have the points for it… it all depends on how hungry I am when I go. Then mentos for the play we are seeing!
Great day I think. Plus I’m not stuck at the house where those m&m’s would be begging me to eat them. Tomorrow I won’t be home much either, so that will be good.

But yeah, still want feedback on a name for my blog now that I’ve switched to maintenance. Please share your thoughts with me! Thanks! =)

Suggestions I’ve liked:
Maintaining Momentum (thanks moonstone722)

UPDATE- Maintaining Momentum stole my wool… please note the layout change =)

Happy Goal Day!

Oh my gosh! When I started this week, I had no idea what the scale would do. With finals, stress was bound to play a role. That and TOM decided to show up. Then there was the cookies during my last day of class (which I tracked… every single one). I was worried about not getting in enough exercise, but I parked far away from class and took advantage of the freezing cold walk (burns more calories) which was 15 minutes both to and from. And I managed to slip in a little elliptical and strength on Thursday when my classes finished.

Well, guess what?
I MADE GOAL!! Lost 2.2 pounds this week making me 152.6! My Leader was so excited for me, he forgot to write it down in my booklet. Haha… Total weight loss since I started- 17.8 lbs. Wow. All I can think is “YAY!” That’s all that’s been going through my head all morning.
So that means 6 weeks of maintenance, doesn’t it? Which means I get 4 DP added to my daily total. What am I going to do to get those? Never thought I’d ask that. I’ve just gotten so used to my pattern of eating not so much. It also makes me wonder if I should aim to eat ALL of my weekly points and exercise points as well to be sure I maintain instead of losing/gaining. It’s a lot to digest… pun SO intended ;)
I’m very happy right now… I wanted to blast music and sing when I got home but everyone is sleeping in. So I thought I’d do a little dance here! Anyone care to join me?
*does happy dance*