Happy Goal Day!

Oh my gosh! When I started this week, I had no idea what the scale would do. With finals, stress was bound to play a role. That and TOM decided to show up. Then there was the cookies during my last day of class (which I tracked… every single one). I was worried about not getting in enough exercise, but I parked far away from class and took advantage of the freezing cold walk (burns more calories) which was 15 minutes both to and from. And I managed to slip in a little elliptical and strength on Thursday when my classes finished.

Well, guess what?
I MADE GOAL!! Lost 2.2 pounds this week making me 152.6! My Leader was so excited for me, he forgot to write it down in my booklet. Haha… Total weight loss since I started- 17.8 lbs. Wow. All I can think is “YAY!” That’s all that’s been going through my head all morning.
So that means 6 weeks of maintenance, doesn’t it? Which means I get 4 DP added to my daily total. What am I going to do to get those? Never thought I’d ask that. I’ve just gotten so used to my pattern of eating not so much. It also makes me wonder if I should aim to eat ALL of my weekly points and exercise points as well to be sure I maintain instead of losing/gaining. It’s a lot to digest… pun SO intended ;)
I’m very happy right now… I wanted to blast music and sing when I got home but everyone is sleeping in. So I thought I’d do a little dance here! Anyone care to join me?
*does happy dance*

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