Couple days into Maintenance

And I want a new title for my blog! I’m not supposed to lose anymore so my current blog name is a little dated, don’t you think? But I want it to be an original title… Here are a couple name’s I’ve been playing with. Let me know what you think is most fitting/creative.

  • Maintaining DIW (which would stand for Do-It-WeightWatchers Way)
  • Keeping it the Same
  • The Six Week Sweat

If you have any other ideas along those lines, let me know. I’d love input on this.

Other than that, these past couple days definitely have not been my best. Tracking got a little sketchy on Sunday for sure.

What is really bad is that me and my step dad have the same taste in candy and he says he buys them for him. Why would he need a 70 oz. bag of peanut m&m’s to himself? And I tend to have the awful mindset that if it’s not here, I can’t eat it. Which means I eat it all just to get it out of the house. It’s bad… no it’s awful and I know that. I’ve asked him not to buy them (along with Reese’s peanut butter cups) but he doesn’t really care.

This is when I desperately want to move out. I know that if I had control over the shopping, I would make really good choices. Eating healthy is absolutely wonderful to me and I really enjoy it. I’m a firm believer that if there is no temptations in the house, I won’t crave them. It’s just how I am. Out of house, out of mind, which means it stays out of my tummy.

Back on track today–planned my day out.
Apple & oatmeal for breakfast.
A lean cuisine & a cup of blueberries for lunch, and my favorite little clemmies for my afternoon snack.
Dinner is at Chili’s with my grandma, so I’m going to have my staple of the Guiltless Chicken sandwich. I’m still debating whether I’ll want a cup of broccoli and cheese soup since I have the points for it… it all depends on how hungry I am when I go. Then mentos for the play we are seeing!
Great day I think. Plus I’m not stuck at the house where those m&m’s would be begging me to eat them. Tomorrow I won’t be home much either, so that will be good.

But yeah, still want feedback on a name for my blog now that I’ve switched to maintenance. Please share your thoughts with me! Thanks! =)

Suggestions I’ve liked:
Maintaining Momentum (thanks moonstone722)

UPDATE- Maintaining Momentum stole my wool… please note the layout change =)


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