My Saturday Morning Meeting

For some reason, I feel like I’d be doing an injustice by not talking about my meetings in my blog.  So here’s a blog dedicated to it!

The Saturday 8 AM meeting has been my meeting of choice ever since I began.  Though sometimes I’ll sleep in and go to the 10 AM one.  Lately, I’ve come to realize that it’s better to weigh in at the same time every weekend and it also gets me up and going for the day (even if I stayed up way too late partying on Fridays!).  I love my meeting, truly!
My Leader is pretty swell. He’s a funny guy… In the beginning, I wasn’t sure if he was the right fit for me so I tried out one other meeting at my WW location because people had said that leader was really motivational.  Yeah, I went and I could see how people thought she could be motivational–but not for me. Her meetings were very strongly centered on facts, pushing yourself and exercising which I don’t mind but it seemed SO structured and just… impersonal.  I finally realized how good I had it with my Saturday Leader. What I love about his meetings is that in the beginning, he asks everyone how their week went and what worked or didn’t work for them. I love the feeling of community we have in our meeting! Everyone has a story and their own struggles–not everyone is the same and its great to hear about people’s successes!  Even their trials give me something to think about.  And then we get to the weekly topic, where he’ll give his input then ask everyone else how they would handle said topic.  So yes, I’m very grateful to have a wonderful leader who makes the meeting about the members.
There is also one particular person that I can’t wait to see on the weekends. She’s really outgoing, friendly, and always giving people a laugh during the meetings. We sit close if not next to each other when we are both at the meeting.  We always help motivate each other to do well in the coming week. This morning she wasn’t there though, and it felt weird not having her there! Ah… I guess I’ll just have to see her when holiday break is done.
Probably one of the more recent reasons for me liking to go is that I have a bit of a growing attraction to a guy in my meetings. I always thought he was a good looking guy, and he’s a fan of the university I go to. I’m too nervous to say hello though, and I know I shouldn’t be. He always comes and sits with a woman that I assume to be his mom since they have a few similar features.  But yeah he’s cute =)
So that’s my schpeel on my meetings… I’ll miss them until they start up again after the new year. They really help me!
I’m going to Idaho for a skiing trip tomorrow for a couple days and I’m so excited!
I hope you all have lovely holidays!

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