My Christmas Week

Pretty much this past week was tracking-less. Today is my first day tracking again. But to be honest… it’s not bothering me as much as I thought it would.

The reason for not tracking Sunday through Tuesday was that we were in Sun Valley skiing and my laptop never opened once on that trip. I barely even had my phone on me. Fun was to be had, so I had it. I felt I made pretty good choices as far as food goes. Plus, the skiing probably made up for the rest of my points. And the highlight of the trip? Having Greg Kinnear at the table next to us during lunch on Monday! My mom was in such a tizzy XD

Then Wednesday and Thursday were family dinner days where absolutely delicious yummies were made (candied yams!!). There is was a little harder to stick to plan. Not to mention my grandparents bought my favorite pie (French Silk from Village Inn) for Christmas Eve dinner. Yeah, pretty sure none of that is conducive to maintaining weight.

Friday through yesterday was an effort to be rid of all the junk food. AKA shove it all down my throat. The quicker its gone, the quicker I can’t eat it. That’s bad, I know. But when it tastes so good it doesn’t seem so bad.

I was just happy to see my whole family! I enjoyed the food. I’ll admit, besides skiing I didn’t really exercise. We tried to go to the gym on Christmas Eve but our gym closed at 3 o’clock and we got there at 2:52. Lame sauce!

But for Christmas I got 2 Jillian Michaels’ DVDs that I can’t wait to bust into! And my mom bought me a Zumba workout outfit that is sooo stinking cute. On top of loving Zumba, wearing that outfit will make me just wanna “shake it” regardless if its Zumba or not! My dad also bought me a new yoga mat and a calorie/step counter too. Gotta put all that stuff to good use, don’t I? ;)

So here’s to a much more active 2010! Lifetime… I’m on my way =)


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