Operation Happy Body

Inspired by madtownmotzie on the WW website and her Operation Disney Bod, and her challenge Operation: Create Your Own… I’ve decided to embark on my own operation: Operation Happy Body!

Since I’m now in maintenance stage, my main objective is to do just that–maintain my losses.  But I don’t want my motivation for WW to go down just because I’ve hit my weight goal, so I’m really glad madtownmotzie came up with this idea and supports people “borrowing” her idea =)

I need a little background on one thing to help explain why I’m doing certain things… In August 2008, I started getting really awful stomach pains right beneath my ribs. They’d last about 2 hours and would completely cripple me.  The triggers are not known.  All I know is nothing would help the pain–not painkillers, food, water… nothing.  I just had to endure the pain every couple days.  After consulting with a few doctors over the past year, they still aren’t sure what it is.

There was a period during spring when they stopped for a couple weeks.  And this past summer while in England, for reasons beyond my imagination, the pains completely stopped.  But upon returning home two months later, they returned full force.  My doctor gave me three months worth of Prilosec to see if it helped.  So every day for three months starting at the end of September, I took Prilosec at the beginning of the day.  Haven’t had a stomach pain since. Well, except the ONE day I forgot to take it and forgot to bring the bottle with me in case it did happen… yeah that was NOT fun.  So now I’ve finished my dosages, and I met with a stomach surgeon to see what she would recommend a couple weeks ago.  She said once I’m off the meds, the symptoms would return if it were something other than an acid problem after a couple weeks.  But she told me certain foods/drinks could trigger the acid symptoms and to avoid them if that is what the problem is.  That’s how the idea behind Operation Happy Body began.

So onto what I want to do in Operation Happy Body as far as keeping my tummy happy (and pain-free):

  • Cut out soda completely even diet.  I’ve gone cold turkey before and I stayed off soda for two years… won’t be hard to do again.
  • Limit my tea consumption to 1 a day =( 
  • Limit chocolate and alcohol to a couple times a week and only in small amounts.  Alcohol shouldn’t be a challenge, but chocolate will be.   I’m a chocolate fiend.  But if it’s not around, then I won’t want it so I’m going to work on not having it around. 
  • Refrain from eating fatty foods. 

Now to the things that will make my body happy overall:

  • Get at least 30 minutes of activity 4-5 days of the week.  What better way to boost your spirits than with endorphins? =)
  • Paint my finger nails and make my hands pretty frequently so I won’t bite them (which is really really bad for my lock jaw)
  • Start doing my jaw exercises again
  • Take my jaw vitamins every day after dinner since they are also great for the rest of my body too.
  • Floss every night… I struggle there, but I really want to change it. So I will!  Also, did you know that not flossing can lead to heart disease?  My body will be happy about that for sure!
  • Set a consistent bedtime of 10:30 and stick to it at least Sunday through Thursday.  Sleep is important too!  And if I get enough sleep, then I’m not grumpy ;)

That’s all I can really think of for the moment.  If I feel something else should be added, then it will be. 

Overall objectives:  To not have those stomach pains.  Have my jaw be in tip-top shape.  Feel healthy, active, and not exhausted.  And keep my weight the same ;)

Time Frame:  I’d like to do this until the beginning of May… but if these all work, then I’m game for letting it go on for however long I want! =)


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