Keep the Streak

I’m on a roll with writing a blog post every day so I refuse to not do one on a Sunday! =)

After my walk/run yesterday I felt much better. But then I went to dinner with a friend and it crossed my mind that eating out with a girl friend makes you eat a little more than you usually would. It was the garlic bread. Too yummy. But the rest of the meal was perfectly portioned!
My mom seems to be on a streak too… making those “Neiman Marcus Million Dollar” Cookies every weekend for the past 3 weeks. I’m seriously ready to strangle her. I keep telling her to stop making them. They are quite possibly the hardest things for me not to eat.
On a happier note, my finger nails are longer than I can ever remember them being! Haven’t bitten them in nearly a month. Yay! In other happy news, my room is pretty much cleaner than it’s been in a long time as well. Took 3 hours cleaning it today. Think that counts as activity? Haha…
I should continue reading Wuthering Heights, but I can’t bring myself to pick up that confusing piece of old literature. So I’m watching Just Like Heaven instead!
Hope you all had a great weekend!

She is totally PO-ed…

After not working out for two weeks and missing last weekend because I was in the ER… I was feeling great this week. 4 days in row of moderate/high intensity workouts. I stayed mostly within my dailies, straying only slightly. Today should have been my day…

But OH NO. TOM decided to show up unannounced last night and I knew immediately that all my hard work this week (so I could reach Lifetime today) would be completely shot to H-E-double-friggin-hockey sticks. I know how my cycle works. The first three days my body hoards water like it’s friggin Noah’s ark–giving me about 2 extra pounds which absolutely kills me since I’m in maintenance. I did absolutely nothing to warrant this this week. I’m angry because I did nothing this week that would have hurt me on the scale. Absolutely nothing. And now this?
I went to my meeting. I didn’t bother getting on the scale. I weighed myself at home and that was enough to confirm what I already knew. Didn’t help when the lady said, “Are you sure you don’t want to weigh-in? It’s your 6th week on maintenance.” Lifetime should have been mine this week. BUT NO! Mother Nature stormed in and said, “No, you don’t deserve it yet.”
Yes, I’m exceedingly angry… PO-ed… so mad to the point that I’ve dropped the F-bomb about 4 times already and I’ve only been awake for an hour and a half. Yeah, it’s that bad.
Sorry if this is too angsty for you. I’m just… AAAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHH! Needed to get it out somehow. I’m eating my morning apple right now, but a half hour after I finish I’m so hitting the treadmill to blast this jumbo out.
And today was supposed to be a great day… *sigh* I’m glad something (aka: someone) will distract me all too well later so it can at least be acceptable if not good.

Poster Dreams

This morning when I came downstairs, my mom had a huge poster board with many pictures, clippings from magazines, and scrapbooking supplies surrounding her at our kitchen table.  When I asked her what she was doing, she responded: “A project for me.  My best friend (name omitted) says I need specific visual goals for this year mapped out.  She says it helped her obtain her goals last year.”

A second look over the poster, I saw things like “Fight Hungry” with the little Hungry doll, make 30 calls a day in order to make money with her own recruiting business, group exercise, “Learn to Relax”, “I come first”, “No guilt”, and a lot more.  I couldn’t help but smile.  I just love my mom!  I love that she’s recognizing what she wants and what she needs to do in order to achieve them all.  Except she did cut out a clipping that said, “Will work for chocolate” and I asked her how that works with her wanting to rejoin WW… her response– “It’s all about balance, Mikael!” She’s such a goof!

I couldn’t have been prouder!  This may sound strange but it was almost like watching my mom grow up or something.  I’m rooting for her =)

My visual motivators are smaller things than her poster board: my WW keyring and my Hungry magnet (who cares about the recall? he’s too cute!) that is on my magnet board in my room that I wrote something on: “I want to be strong, fit, and healthy.”  When I joined WW, my goal was to get back to my high school weight–which I am now!  No numbers anymore–just plain and simple.

Have you ever made a poster like the one my mom is working on?  Or does something else help you visualize what you want?

Found a Zumba class at my University on Friday nights, so I’m going tonight for exercise 4 days in a row!  And then tomorrow morning…. WI! 

Have a fantabulous Friday everyone!

Movie Moving Motives

So I had a plan to talk about movies that motivate you to be healthy… I’ve wanted to talk about this since last weekend when I watched “Bend it like Beckham”. As for tomorrow, we’ll have to see what strikes me ;)

Movies like this aren’t about people doing this to lose weight or tone up. So how do they motivate me to want to have a rock-hard bod?

You see them working! It shows you that a slim figure takes work to maintain. In “Bend it like Beckham”, those girls are out there playing and training every day so they can be the best footballers in order to win their games.

After watching that movie, along with others like She’s the Man & the Big Green (why they all happen to be soccer movies, I have no idea), it’s like some kind of motivating mechanism places itself inside of my brain. Dancing movies seem to have this effect too, especially Step Up 2. Subconciously, do I want to be able to do the things they do?  Perhaps… Which is most likely why they motivate me!

Along with motivation, I’m on a high right now! After my walk/run on Tuesday and Zumba last night, my body is sending very strong messages to my brain demanding that I exercise tonight despite being slightly sore from Zumba. I’ve been in a better mood as well. Well, considering I went virtually exercise-free for almost two weeks, I can see how that may be. Thrilled to be back in the game!

Are there any movies that motivate you to either move more or stick to your food plan better? Or do you have a celebrity in particular that can be motivation?

Hoping to Leaf

I want to take a leaf out of Heather‘s book. She writes in her blog every day. For some reason, I’ve always wanted to but it never lasts for some reason. Does anyone have any pointers on that and staying consistent? I feel like I need something like that to help motivate me through maintenance…

On a happier note than my last post, my tummy has not been in pain since Sunday night! I’m still being cautious about what kinds of food I eat as far as as spices and fat goes for the most part (my British chocolate is exempt… it’s better for you than American stuff in every aspect). I’ve eaten way too much dairy though.

Last night, I thought I would give exercising a shot. Went for a 40 minute walk/run, alternating between the two followed by some resistance training and stretching. Felt completely awesome afterwards! My dad was like “Why are you so happy?” when I was talking to him on Skype. The endorphin high was the only thing I could pin it on =)

Zumba is tonight and I seriously cannot wait! I missed it last week because of my tummy issues so it will be nice to hop back into it. Then I have to read 60 pages of Wuthering Heights for my Victorian Literature class. Which would you rather do? Zumba wins in my book. But I do want to be able to say I actually read this Emily Bronte’s only novel seeing as it’s a classic. In all honesty though, it’s a strange one! Really confusing…

Haha enough of my literature tangent. Hope you all are having a lovely Hump Day!

PS: Maybe if I have a plan of what I want or need to write about, I’ll be more likely to be more religious about posting. Let’s do a test: tomorrow I want to write about movies that influence you to stay on track. =)

My tummy doesn’t like me

Last week began a horrible ordeal. After dinner on that Sunday night, my stomach reacted funny. I figured my step-dad’s cooking wasn’t cooked all the way or something. Tums didn’t help. Pepto didn’t either.

Me being totally smart, took the same stuff to work for lunch the next day and the pain came back. Went away after a couple hours but then returned right after dinner again. Tuesday night the pain didn’t last as long after dinner, but I tossed and turned for nearly two hours because it was so uncomfortable. I seriously went downstairs at 1 AM, pulled out the phone book, and stared at our local hospital number for 15 minutes. Then I proceeded in getting a glass of water and the heating pad. That helped.

Wednesday it hit again at work. I could not focus at all so I took off early and took my mom’s advice to try some gingerale. It worked better than anything else to ease the painful discomfort. But I still skipped Zumba because I was afraid what the exercise would do to it. Heating pad was still my best friend.

Thursday was a much better day by a mile. No pains at all! I thought it was getting better until…

Friday when I went on a double date. We went out to a mexican restaurant. Then we went bowling–and that’s when the pains hit. I felt really bad for my date seeing as he was such a nice guy. He put up with me and took me home relatively early. When I got home, I couldn’t get up. My mom took me to the ER… there is a bruise where the stuck the IV in my arm. It’s pretty. They pumped me with fluids and asked me to do a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately the pain dimmed, as I feared it would, while we waited 4 hours for them to tell us that I need to see a specialist because they couldn’t deduce anything from what tests they ran. Because of this I was too exhausted and filled with fluid to go to WI.

So now I’m supposed to be on a bland diet. My step dad doesn’t seem to want to help at all, making spicey mexican food every night. Last night, I requested he do something more tame. They gave me two perscriptions for a stomach coater and something a little stronger than Prilosec. I called the specialist I saw for my OTHER stomach pain and I can’t get into her until February 8th.

Clincher: my mom just told me that my Grandma and a few of her friends did WW and after they reached their goal (which I just reached), therefore could eat a little more (which I have done too), had similar pains… and had to have their gall bladder removed. Granted they were much older than me, hearing that was NOT CONDUCIVE to an already freaking out twenty-something girl!

Basically, I’m scared to eat hardly anything (fruits seem to be ok, along with PB&J and turkey sandwiches… but other than that–who knows?!). And I’m scared to exercise because I don’t know how it will affect the pain since the bowling didn’t seem to help it on Friday.

What to do, what to do… Sorry for the soapbox. Just needed to vent about this. I hate it.

WW Stuff

Last night, I slept over at my BFF’s house since she just moved back into town. I’m seriously even more in love with her now. When we woke up, we were hungry and she was giving me options on breakfast. She knows I’m on WW and I told her I’d figure something out with what she had. Just when I thought I was going to have oatmeal, she pops up–“Hey! We have some WeightWatchers smoothies if you want one!”

I wanted to kiss her right then and there (don’t worry, we’re not like that!). I guess her mom tried WW or something a while back so they had some smoothies left over. I had never tried the smoothies but always wanted to, but I was afraid of buying them and then hating them. So it was a perfect opportunity to try it for free! Haha…

Granted our festivities last night weren’t exactly plan-friendly (my mom’s martinis are NEVER plan-friendly, let alone 3 of them), that smoothie was a great way to start a day back on track! I added skim milk to it and even though it made me a little stomache-achey for a little bit, I knocked out my two dairies. What a great little treat for a breakfast! It was very yummy =)

I’ve also grown quite fond of the WW yogurt over the past couple weeks. My favorite is the white-chocolate raspberry or something like that… seriously tastes like candy.

Have you ever tried the WW products? What ones do you like best?

First WW Friendly Date

It is a momentous occasion indeed when you come out of a date feeling great that you didn’t have to ruin your WW plan. Especially, when the entire date was fly-off-the-seat-of-your-pants style.

This was a “first date” for me with this guy. I met him at Starbucks and had a green tea mixed with lemonade (2 pts). I assumed we’d meet there, talk for a bit, then head our separate ways. Like, an hour tops. Yeah, I was way off because we ended up hitting it off really quickly.

The Guy had had coffee and I guess that gave him a lot of extra energy. But that definitely made it for a a very fun night! We walked across the street to the mall where we walked around for nearly a half hour just talking, laughing, and teasing eath other mercilessly. He’s quite a tease and a funny guy. At some point, he brought up running around the parking lot to get rid of some of his extra energy. Guess what I said? “Why not?!”

So we ran around the parking lot for about five minutes and we ended up at the Barnes and Noble across the way. After a few minutes in there, we decided to go back outside and we walked back to the mall, walked around a little more, and the grumble in my tummy was growing louder. Dinner? Subway in the parking lot of the Starbucks–how convenient! And I have a staple there that is only 6 points.

The night ended at about 8:30 which I don’t mind. A blast was had in that 2.5 hour period. Not to mention, I got in a little unexpected activity and had a healthy dinner. Date#2 is already planned.

So I got home, tracked, and found that I still had a few points left for the day! I treated myself to a little dessert and hot cocoa. What a way to end a great night! Haven’t had that fun of a first date in a LONG time.

Do you find it hard to stay OP during date nights? What do you do so you don’t go overboard or having to confess you are on WW?


Do you have your 94% FF popcorn at the ready? Face painted and your foam finger wagging in the air? If you don’t, bust it all out… It’s time for the ultimate showdown!

Jillian Michael’s
Boost Fat, Burn Metabolism vs. No More Problem Zones

This is going to be a nail-biter. I can feel it in the rumbling of the running feet.

First up, BFBM– Kick boxing and kick-butt cardio mixed into a few circuits totalling 45 minutes! No weights needed. Oh, boy… It’s going to leave you breathless even after the first circuit. You’ll be jumping hardcore for much of it! Be prepared for sore legs for days after if you are a newbie. Fabulous workout if you want to not have any breath to spare and can handle intense cardio.

Next, NMPZ– Strength training that blasts up all of your muscles. No body part left untouched. Each section of your body will burn with each focused exercise. Even the mat work! Yes, mat and weights are necessary. Abs get two circuits to themselves… prepare to have a six pack after doing this video for a while! Leaves you feeling rejuvenated afterwards with one of the best cool downs I’ve seen Jillian do… which would explain the minimal soreness today. =)

And the winner is… A DRAW! Both are incredible workouts that leave your heart pounding and your body moving nonstop. If you want more strength, go for NMPZ. And if you want more cardio (and can handle it… I’m not joking), use BFBM. Much more intense than the 20 minute 30 Day Shred. Each is a great workout on their own. My only critique would be that I don’t know all the exercise names so I had to stand and watch their first rep to be sure of what I was doing next (in both videos). Still fabulous! After all… it is Jillian Michaels.

Have you tried Jillian Michael’s videos? Which one(s) do you prefer? What other workout videos (or OnDemand) would you recommend?

Weekly Workout Plan

Since one of my main objectives in my Operation Happy Body is to workout 4-5 days a week, I feel its good to have a plan for a week so I won’t be dissuaded. It’s set in stone baby!

Saturday— I cleaned my room but I didn’t really count it as AP. I was still recovering from the uber sore muscles Jillian’s BFBM video left me with…

Sunday— Yoga for 50 min

Monday (today)– Jillian Michaels No More Problem Zone’s DVD… my first time trying it! Yay!

TuesdayIF I can move, I’ll walk for an hour and stretch afterwards on the treadmill while I watch the premiere of Biggest Loser. If I can’t move, then it may be a break day.

Wednesday— ZUMBA!! Yay! I’m excited =)

Thursday— I have a pre-planned date so, this is a break day.

Friday— Jillian’s 30 Day Shred since I have a party that night
(I know it’s not a half hour, but it kicks my butt everytime. It counts.)

Total WP= 17 or 20 depending on muscle soreness after NMPZ

What are you doing to get your activity in this week? =)