Do you have your 94% FF popcorn at the ready? Face painted and your foam finger wagging in the air? If you don’t, bust it all out… It’s time for the ultimate showdown!

Jillian Michael’s
Boost Fat, Burn Metabolism vs. No More Problem Zones

This is going to be a nail-biter. I can feel it in the rumbling of the running feet.

First up, BFBM– Kick boxing and kick-butt cardio mixed into a few circuits totalling 45 minutes! No weights needed. Oh, boy… It’s going to leave you breathless even after the first circuit. You’ll be jumping hardcore for much of it! Be prepared for sore legs for days after if you are a newbie. Fabulous workout if you want to not have any breath to spare and can handle intense cardio.

Next, NMPZ– Strength training that blasts up all of your muscles. No body part left untouched. Each section of your body will burn with each focused exercise. Even the mat work! Yes, mat and weights are necessary. Abs get two circuits to themselves… prepare to have a six pack after doing this video for a while! Leaves you feeling rejuvenated afterwards with one of the best cool downs I’ve seen Jillian do… which would explain the minimal soreness today. =)

And the winner is… A DRAW! Both are incredible workouts that leave your heart pounding and your body moving nonstop. If you want more strength, go for NMPZ. And if you want more cardio (and can handle it… I’m not joking), use BFBM. Much more intense than the 20 minute 30 Day Shred. Each is a great workout on their own. My only critique would be that I don’t know all the exercise names so I had to stand and watch their first rep to be sure of what I was doing next (in both videos). Still fabulous! After all… it is Jillian Michaels.

Have you tried Jillian Michael’s videos? Which one(s) do you prefer? What other workout videos (or OnDemand) would you recommend?


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