First WW Friendly Date

It is a momentous occasion indeed when you come out of a date feeling great that you didn’t have to ruin your WW plan. Especially, when the entire date was fly-off-the-seat-of-your-pants style.

This was a “first date” for me with this guy. I met him at Starbucks and had a green tea mixed with lemonade (2 pts). I assumed we’d meet there, talk for a bit, then head our separate ways. Like, an hour tops. Yeah, I was way off because we ended up hitting it off really quickly.

The Guy had had coffee and I guess that gave him a lot of extra energy. But that definitely made it for a a very fun night! We walked across the street to the mall where we walked around for nearly a half hour just talking, laughing, and teasing eath other mercilessly. He’s quite a tease and a funny guy. At some point, he brought up running around the parking lot to get rid of some of his extra energy. Guess what I said? “Why not?!”

So we ran around the parking lot for about five minutes and we ended up at the Barnes and Noble across the way. After a few minutes in there, we decided to go back outside and we walked back to the mall, walked around a little more, and the grumble in my tummy was growing louder. Dinner? Subway in the parking lot of the Starbucks–how convenient! And I have a staple there that is only 6 points.

The night ended at about 8:30 which I don’t mind. A blast was had in that 2.5 hour period. Not to mention, I got in a little unexpected activity and had a healthy dinner. Date#2 is already planned.

So I got home, tracked, and found that I still had a few points left for the day! I treated myself to a little dessert and hot cocoa. What a way to end a great night! Haven’t had that fun of a first date in a LONG time.

Do you find it hard to stay OP during date nights? What do you do so you don’t go overboard or having to confess you are on WW?


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