WW Stuff

Last night, I slept over at my BFF’s house since she just moved back into town. I’m seriously even more in love with her now. When we woke up, we were hungry and she was giving me options on breakfast. She knows I’m on WW and I told her I’d figure something out with what she had. Just when I thought I was going to have oatmeal, she pops up–“Hey! We have some WeightWatchers smoothies if you want one!”

I wanted to kiss her right then and there (don’t worry, we’re not like that!). I guess her mom tried WW or something a while back so they had some smoothies left over. I had never tried the smoothies but always wanted to, but I was afraid of buying them and then hating them. So it was a perfect opportunity to try it for free! Haha…

Granted our festivities last night weren’t exactly plan-friendly (my mom’s martinis are NEVER plan-friendly, let alone 3 of them), that smoothie was a great way to start a day back on track! I added skim milk to it and even though it made me a little stomache-achey for a little bit, I knocked out my two dairies. What a great little treat for a breakfast! It was very yummy =)

I’ve also grown quite fond of the WW yogurt over the past couple weeks. My favorite is the white-chocolate raspberry or something like that… seriously tastes like candy.

Have you ever tried the WW products? What ones do you like best?


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