My tummy doesn’t like me

Last week began a horrible ordeal. After dinner on that Sunday night, my stomach reacted funny. I figured my step-dad’s cooking wasn’t cooked all the way or something. Tums didn’t help. Pepto didn’t either.

Me being totally smart, took the same stuff to work for lunch the next day and the pain came back. Went away after a couple hours but then returned right after dinner again. Tuesday night the pain didn’t last as long after dinner, but I tossed and turned for nearly two hours because it was so uncomfortable. I seriously went downstairs at 1 AM, pulled out the phone book, and stared at our local hospital number for 15 minutes. Then I proceeded in getting a glass of water and the heating pad. That helped.

Wednesday it hit again at work. I could not focus at all so I took off early and took my mom’s advice to try some gingerale. It worked better than anything else to ease the painful discomfort. But I still skipped Zumba because I was afraid what the exercise would do to it. Heating pad was still my best friend.

Thursday was a much better day by a mile. No pains at all! I thought it was getting better until…

Friday when I went on a double date. We went out to a mexican restaurant. Then we went bowling–and that’s when the pains hit. I felt really bad for my date seeing as he was such a nice guy. He put up with me and took me home relatively early. When I got home, I couldn’t get up. My mom took me to the ER… there is a bruise where the stuck the IV in my arm. It’s pretty. They pumped me with fluids and asked me to do a bunch of other stuff. Unfortunately the pain dimmed, as I feared it would, while we waited 4 hours for them to tell us that I need to see a specialist because they couldn’t deduce anything from what tests they ran. Because of this I was too exhausted and filled with fluid to go to WI.

So now I’m supposed to be on a bland diet. My step dad doesn’t seem to want to help at all, making spicey mexican food every night. Last night, I requested he do something more tame. They gave me two perscriptions for a stomach coater and something a little stronger than Prilosec. I called the specialist I saw for my OTHER stomach pain and I can’t get into her until February 8th.

Clincher: my mom just told me that my Grandma and a few of her friends did WW and after they reached their goal (which I just reached), therefore could eat a little more (which I have done too), had similar pains… and had to have their gall bladder removed. Granted they were much older than me, hearing that was NOT CONDUCIVE to an already freaking out twenty-something girl!

Basically, I’m scared to eat hardly anything (fruits seem to be ok, along with PB&J and turkey sandwiches… but other than that–who knows?!). And I’m scared to exercise because I don’t know how it will affect the pain since the bowling didn’t seem to help it on Friday.

What to do, what to do… Sorry for the soapbox. Just needed to vent about this. I hate it.


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