Hoping to Leaf

I want to take a leaf out of Heather‘s book. She writes in her blog every day. For some reason, I’ve always wanted to but it never lasts for some reason. Does anyone have any pointers on that and staying consistent? I feel like I need something like that to help motivate me through maintenance…

On a happier note than my last post, my tummy has not been in pain since Sunday night! I’m still being cautious about what kinds of food I eat as far as as spices and fat goes for the most part (my British chocolate is exempt… it’s better for you than American stuff in every aspect). I’ve eaten way too much dairy though.

Last night, I thought I would give exercising a shot. Went for a 40 minute walk/run, alternating between the two followed by some resistance training and stretching. Felt completely awesome afterwards! My dad was like “Why are you so happy?” when I was talking to him on Skype. The endorphin high was the only thing I could pin it on =)

Zumba is tonight and I seriously cannot wait! I missed it last week because of my tummy issues so it will be nice to hop back into it. Then I have to read 60 pages of Wuthering Heights for my Victorian Literature class. Which would you rather do? Zumba wins in my book. But I do want to be able to say I actually read this Emily Bronte’s only novel seeing as it’s a classic. In all honesty though, it’s a strange one! Really confusing…

Haha enough of my literature tangent. Hope you all are having a lovely Hump Day!

PS: Maybe if I have a plan of what I want or need to write about, I’ll be more likely to be more religious about posting. Let’s do a test: tomorrow I want to write about movies that influence you to stay on track. =)


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