Movie Moving Motives

So I had a plan to talk about movies that motivate you to be healthy… I’ve wanted to talk about this since last weekend when I watched “Bend it like Beckham”. As for tomorrow, we’ll have to see what strikes me ;)

Movies like this aren’t about people doing this to lose weight or tone up. So how do they motivate me to want to have a rock-hard bod?

You see them working! It shows you that a slim figure takes work to maintain. In “Bend it like Beckham”, those girls are out there playing and training every day so they can be the best footballers in order to win their games.

After watching that movie, along with others like She’s the Man & the Big Green (why they all happen to be soccer movies, I have no idea), it’s like some kind of motivating mechanism places itself inside of my brain. Dancing movies seem to have this effect too, especially Step Up 2. Subconciously, do I want to be able to do the things they do?  Perhaps… Which is most likely why they motivate me!

Along with motivation, I’m on a high right now! After my walk/run on Tuesday and Zumba last night, my body is sending very strong messages to my brain demanding that I exercise tonight despite being slightly sore from Zumba. I’ve been in a better mood as well. Well, considering I went virtually exercise-free for almost two weeks, I can see how that may be. Thrilled to be back in the game!

Are there any movies that motivate you to either move more or stick to your food plan better? Or do you have a celebrity in particular that can be motivation?


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