Defy Gravity

Something has changed within me,
Something is not the same.
I’m through with playing by the rules
of someone else’s game.
Too late for second guessing,
too late to go back to sleep.
It’s time to trust my instincts.
Close my eyes and leap!

I’m through accepting limits
cuz someone says they’re so.
Some things I cannot change,
but ’til I try I’ll never know.
Too long I’ve been afraid of
Losing love I guess I’d lost.
Well, if that’s love,
it comes at much too high a cost!
I’d sooner buy defying gravity.
Kiss me goodbye, I’m defying gravity.
I think I’ll try defying gravity
and you won’t bring me down!

I never realized how much this song can pertain to someone’s weight loss journey until now…
We all change through this process–we become who we truly want to be.
And that means we don’t have to live under the influence of others.
They shouldn’t force us to be the way they want. They shouldn’t force us to eat or be lazy. We do eat better and be more active to make a better us. In our own eyes. We do it to love ourselves more. And when we do that, we can allow other people to love us right as well.
So we push ourselves to be our very best. We defy our own gravity. Sometimes our own gravity can give us a tug downward, but we just have to keep rising above it each time we fall. Sometimes we get afraid of what might happen at the end of the road. At least there is a light there that we all look forward too.
But we can’t let others bring us down. They do it because of jealousy, or fear, or concern… whatever the reason, it’s for themselves. Well, like I’ve said, we are doing this for ourselves too.
We do this for us. Not anyone else. We just have to keep trekking onward. It’s a lifetime of rising upward. Keep it up everyone!
Have a great weekend! =)

Breezy Brain

Today my brain feels sooo weird. It’s like I’m here but I’m not… *cricket cricket*

Anyhoo! I went to Zumba last night and had a blast! I requested that we do my favorite song and Brittni (the instructor) did it! Have I expressed how much I love Zumba? ;) And my cold is still on its way out the door! Boo-yah!

We went to my cousins 13th birthday party after that for cake and ice cream. No ice cream for me. For the cake, I had them cut my piece in half and give the other half to my grandma… So I indulged but not too much. The cake was uber yummy, no complaints here. Might have cancelled out half of Zumba, but I’ll live. I’ve been very OP this week. It’s one (half) piece of cake, not feeling guilty, and moving on! =)

I’m feeling elliptical tonight while I catch up on the Top 12 Idol Men that I missed last night. If I don’t crash on my bed when I get home.

I really can’t explain it. My mind just feels, for lack of a better phrase, like a furry kitten spinning in circles after trying to follow a spinning toy. Or like it’s a little puff ball not really sure what to do or make of anything. Except it feels heavy too. Ah, just put squiggles over my eyes like in the cartoons and we’ll call it good.

Maybe I need a steak… they fix everything! XD

Have a thuper-duper Thursday!

Getting there!

10:30 PM —

  • 12 Hr Mucinex *check*
  • NyQuil *check*
  • Humidifier *check*
  • Brush teeth *check*
  • Read 20 pages of Woman in White *check*
  • Blow nose one last time *check*

11:00 PM — Zzzzz……

7:00 AM — “Whatever you imagine…” emanated around my room, rousing me.

If it weren’t for my quiz this morning, I would have stayed in bed to maintain the pure bliss I was in! That was the most peaceful sleep ever, I swear to you. I have not slept that well since I was in Vegas last weekend (because of the firm bed… and before that, it’s been forever).

A BIG thank you goes to Anaosborn for her tips on yesterday’s post.

The best part about it? Due to the good nights’ sleep, I feel much better. Now I’m just in the yucky phlegmy stage of the cold. A recovery of sorts, I’m hoping a quick one.

Question though: Zumba is tonight. I hate missing it. Go or no go? I really do feel much better and I’m sure I can handle it. But is it too soon to jump into that kind of activity? My mom will be bummed if I don’t go… It’s a dilemma.

Happy Hump Day! =)

In My Sleep

You know the saying, “I can do that in my sleep!” ?

Haha, well I was counting my points and avoiding the dessert table… in my dreams last night.  When I woke up I almost wanted to laugh.  I can do WW in my sleep!  XD

But unfortunately, I haven’t been sleeping that well lately ever since this cold hit.  The first night was one from H-E-double hockey sticks as I tossed and turned just trying to breathe.  But then the last few nights, I fall asleep fine after I have some ThermaFlu stuff and get into dreams until about 4 AM.  Then the coughing returns and I wake up every forty-five minutes until my alarm goes off to cough. Messed up!  There needs to be a medicine that can last the whole night. I’m so buying NyQuil on my way home…

On the plus side, I’ve been very OP for the last couple days. =)

Do you guys struggle sleeping when you are sick?

Bittersweet Idea

I’ve always been iffy on the idea of working out while your sick. It’s like “Do I go for a short walk?” or “Should I just do a few push ups and crunches with some jumping jacks?” You know, nothing too challenging so I don’t kill myself.

Well I decided to do Level 1 of the Shred. I figured it was only 20 minutes and it covers my cardio, strength and abs! I could handle that. Here’s how the process went:

Before: My cold is doing much better… I should be fine!

20 minutes of Jillian Michaels circuit torture passes…

After: *pant* *cough* *wheeze* Man, oh man. My head won’t stop spinning. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea with a cold……….

But I feel awesome that I got in some activity since I haven’t really been that dedicated to maintaining my exercise routine due to life complications and interruptions (medical and school related). You know what I’ve learned (even though I’ve heard it a million times)?

You have to make it a prioritySchedule it in! Activity won’t do itself… that’s what the word means–getting up and doing something!

But admittedly, when you are sick, it’s probably a good idea to take it easy and only doing simple workouts. Lesson learned! =)

Drop Back In

Ack… I feel like such a bad WWer.
I get Lifetime then I don’t track for a week– :(
In my defense here, I was in and out of the hospital all week and homework was overwhelming me. No time to work out…nothing good this week!
Went to Vegas and danced off whatever I gained. — :)
Missed my meeting because I left on Friday but I worked my a$ off hip-hop dancing on Valentines and had a blast!
Tried to track after returning home, but did a sloppy job. –:S

Got hit with a nasty cold and have overdosed on OJ which certainly isn’t point-free.

Let’s just say I’m surprised I’m not higher on the scale. I’m slightly out of my Lifetime range, but if I work really hard this week I should drop right back into it.
I’m still recovering from my cold (my throat feels like I swallowed a knife) but I’m back into tracking accurately as of this morning! I didn’t go to my meeting (shame on me!) but I didn’t want to get anyone else sick.
Tracking every day, blogging as much as I can, and exercise are coming back into my life!  I felt so off not having them there that I’m not even sure why I stopped.  I was mad at myself but now that I’m back–I’m thrilled!
Hope ya’ll are having fabulous weekends!

Freaking Out!

ACK! I missed a couple days on my blogging streak… in my defense, I wasn’t on my computer at all.

The weekend was utterly crazy! In every single aspect. I’m kind of disappointed in myself, I won’t lie. The Super Bowl unglued me a little. I was the only one who brought something healthy-a veggie tray. Which I ate mostly until someone brought double-stuffed oreos and it was uber hard to resist those.

Then that bled into today. But I kind of have a reason for today even though I don’t think it justifies it enough looking back on it. Today was the day I went to the tummy doctor to see what I need to do.

  • Tomorrow–an endoscopy
  • Friday–HYDI scan (or something like that)

I think I’m terrified of what its going to reveal… so it seems like I’m trying to get as much out of my tummy as I can before it happens. That and I can’t eat or drink ANYTHING 8 hours prior to either of these procedures. That’s a long time! I’m just freaking out and cookies help. We made over 150 cookies today (in place of writing an essay… I’m the Queen of Procrastination). I’m bringing my friend some tomorrow to help get rid of them.

Speaking of which my stomach is growling really bad.

I’m definitely making a Starbucks stop today. No if’s, and’s or but’s. And I’m going to be better with my WW plan. I’m really quite disgusted with myself these past couple days… but then there goes the other side of my brain that says its completely justified.

IT’S NOT! Why is that so hard to get through my brain?

Oh yeah… It’s 6 AM. I’ve been up ALL NIGHT finishing an essay. I’d have to be up in a half hour anyway so I figured I’d catch up here. So if any of this is understandable, I’ll be shocked. I’m exhausted.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!

The Golden Key

Yesterday I was all pumped for this morning’s weigh in.  This morning, I woke up and was feeling fantastic.  I drove to my WW meeting, stepped on the scale and…

MAINTAINED!  Haha, so weird to think one could be so happy for maintaining! But guess what that means?


Yes, the caps were necessary.  I was pretty much squealing and doing happy dances all over the place.  In my meeting, they gave me my Golden Key to free meetings so long as I stay below two pounds above my goal. I’ve hooked it onto my 10% goal keychain already, right next to my Silver Star.  Looks pretty fantastic if you ask me.

And reaching this has instilled the motivation in me to keep with the program.  I have heard that some people, once they reach goal, feel like they can “stop”.  That’s not how it is with WW–they’ve given you the tools to lose and those tools are necessary for keeping it off.

I’m off for a very busy weekend. I’m going to do my best staying OP since being with my best friend for the Super Bowl might be a little tough. But I’m going to try and stay smart!

Have a wonderful, superb weekend everyone! Good luck with your weight loss journeys!  Always remember… YOU CAN DO IT!

Plan for Tomorrow

Tomorrow… tomorrow… tomorrow…

That’s almost all I’ve been thinking today! Tomorrow is my WI day and the day I should be getting my Lifetime! I did a pre-WI day check today and I’m where I’m supposed to be… But now I’m just trying not to mess it up by eating one thing that will ruin it. I know I’m probably overreacting, but when it’s this close it’s hard not to be a little anxious.

I hate it when things ruin what you plan. Last WI and TOM was a great example. Another example fits today. I’ve been planning out my day for the past three days.

Get up for school, have a light breakfast, meet buddy for lunch (had a tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwich w/ a salad… not bad at all), go to work, go home, prep and go to voice lesson, drop off my car at my Uncle’s where my mom will come take me home, do the elliptical for 45 minutes, eat a PBJ w/ whole grain bread for dinner, have a wonderful shower, and retire with a book or my gameboy. Sounds nice right?

But now my mom is saying that she wants my help babysitting our neighbors toddlers… like 5 minutes ago. I love these kids to death, I truly do. BUT I have had a plan and I do not want to mess it up! When I have a plan, I hate having to deter from it. It’s like my personality does not work with interruptions at all. The reason I have this planned out this way is so I don’t mess anything up for tomorrow morning! And I just need a night to … just unwind. Is that really so much to ask?

Do you prefer to have things planned out? Do you stay on plan better with a plan? Or are you better when it’s fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants?


Ok, I’m going to be a little bad with this post. I have a horrible sweet tooth and I need a release it now. Please don’t kill me.

So in England, I got to try some of the very best chocolate that I’ve ever tasted. Seriously, nothing has ever compared to English chocolate for me. And it has to be actually from England and not the Cadbury’s that are produced in America. It’s monumentally different. Seriously, if I could, I would have English chocolate shipped to me for Valentine’s Day.

Though I miss my chocolate spoilage in the UK, I still enjoy a good piece of chocolate every day so often to keep myself from going into a sweets-binge. In December, I went to Sun Valley and remembered something wrongfully forgotten–Sun Valley has probably the best chocolate in America. If English chocolate didn’t exist, this chocolate would take the cake.

And guess what is sitting three cubicles away? A box of Sun Valley chocolates. They are disappearing quickly, which is a good thing.

I only had 2 chocolate coins. I’m satisfied. =)