Sunny Tracking

What a gorgeous day it is outside!  The sky is blue and the sun is out!  Too bad I wore a light skirt and heels so I can’t go outside and enjoy a nice walk for lunch… Ooooh, maybe tonight when I get home!

Last night, I knocked out a good 60 pages of Wuthering Heights so I only have 70 to read for tonight.  Last Monday I had to skip my workout because I had to read 133.  Pretty sure I can squeeze something in tonight.  At first I was thinking Jillian’s NMPZ until I realized how gorgeous of a day it was outside!

Saturday may have been a little over-indulgent, but ever since I’ve been tracking way diligently, even down to the exact number of candy hearts I had for a small snack yesterday and the single Lays chip I snuck from the dinner table.  Somehow I always forget how good accurate tracking can make me feel even if I step over my dailies a little.  That’s just something that we need to do. 

So I know tracking makes you more aware of putting food in your mouth.  But what if you tracked but didn’t change your eating habits–would that make you even just a little weight?  Is it the actual tracking that makes the difference or more specifically how tracking makes you re-evaluate your eating habits? Why couldn’t you just completely change how you eat but not write it down?  I’m not against it at all, but I’ve always been curious as to why that’s the biggest key to success.

Even though weather is different wherever you may be, I hope you see the good in your weather and make the most of it today! =)


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