Ok, I’m going to be a little bad with this post. I have a horrible sweet tooth and I need a release it now. Please don’t kill me.

So in England, I got to try some of the very best chocolate that I’ve ever tasted. Seriously, nothing has ever compared to English chocolate for me. And it has to be actually from England and not the Cadbury’s that are produced in America. It’s monumentally different. Seriously, if I could, I would have English chocolate shipped to me for Valentine’s Day.

Though I miss my chocolate spoilage in the UK, I still enjoy a good piece of chocolate every day so often to keep myself from going into a sweets-binge. In December, I went to Sun Valley and remembered something wrongfully forgotten–Sun Valley has probably the best chocolate in America. If English chocolate didn’t exist, this chocolate would take the cake.

And guess what is sitting three cubicles away? A box of Sun Valley chocolates. They are disappearing quickly, which is a good thing.

I only had 2 chocolate coins. I’m satisfied. =)


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