The Golden Key

Yesterday I was all pumped for this morning’s weigh in.  This morning, I woke up and was feeling fantastic.  I drove to my WW meeting, stepped on the scale and…

MAINTAINED!  Haha, so weird to think one could be so happy for maintaining! But guess what that means?


Yes, the caps were necessary.  I was pretty much squealing and doing happy dances all over the place.  In my meeting, they gave me my Golden Key to free meetings so long as I stay below two pounds above my goal. I’ve hooked it onto my 10% goal keychain already, right next to my Silver Star.  Looks pretty fantastic if you ask me.

And reaching this has instilled the motivation in me to keep with the program.  I have heard that some people, once they reach goal, feel like they can “stop”.  That’s not how it is with WW–they’ve given you the tools to lose and those tools are necessary for keeping it off.

I’m off for a very busy weekend. I’m going to do my best staying OP since being with my best friend for the Super Bowl might be a little tough. But I’m going to try and stay smart!

Have a wonderful, superb weekend everyone! Good luck with your weight loss journeys!  Always remember… YOU CAN DO IT!

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