Freaking Out!

ACK! I missed a couple days on my blogging streak… in my defense, I wasn’t on my computer at all.

The weekend was utterly crazy! In every single aspect. I’m kind of disappointed in myself, I won’t lie. The Super Bowl unglued me a little. I was the only one who brought something healthy-a veggie tray. Which I ate mostly until someone brought double-stuffed oreos and it was uber hard to resist those.

Then that bled into today. But I kind of have a reason for today even though I don’t think it justifies it enough looking back on it. Today was the day I went to the tummy doctor to see what I need to do.

  • Tomorrow–an endoscopy
  • Friday–HYDI scan (or something like that)

I think I’m terrified of what its going to reveal… so it seems like I’m trying to get as much out of my tummy as I can before it happens. That and I can’t eat or drink ANYTHING 8 hours prior to either of these procedures. That’s a long time! I’m just freaking out and cookies help. We made over 150 cookies today (in place of writing an essay… I’m the Queen of Procrastination). I’m bringing my friend some tomorrow to help get rid of them.

Speaking of which my stomach is growling really bad.

I’m definitely making a Starbucks stop today. No if’s, and’s or but’s. And I’m going to be better with my WW plan. I’m really quite disgusted with myself these past couple days… but then there goes the other side of my brain that says its completely justified.

IT’S NOT! Why is that so hard to get through my brain?

Oh yeah… It’s 6 AM. I’ve been up ALL NIGHT finishing an essay. I’d have to be up in a half hour anyway so I figured I’d catch up here. So if any of this is understandable, I’ll be shocked. I’m exhausted.

Have a great Tuesday everyone!


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