Drop Back In

Ack… I feel like such a bad WWer.
I get Lifetime then I don’t track for a week– :(
In my defense here, I was in and out of the hospital all week and homework was overwhelming me. No time to work out…nothing good this week!
Went to Vegas and danced off whatever I gained. — :)
Missed my meeting because I left on Friday but I worked my a$ off hip-hop dancing on Valentines and had a blast!
Tried to track after returning home, but did a sloppy job. –:S

Got hit with a nasty cold and have overdosed on OJ which certainly isn’t point-free.

Let’s just say I’m surprised I’m not higher on the scale. I’m slightly out of my Lifetime range, but if I work really hard this week I should drop right back into it.
I’m still recovering from my cold (my throat feels like I swallowed a knife) but I’m back into tracking accurately as of this morning! I didn’t go to my meeting (shame on me!) but I didn’t want to get anyone else sick.
Tracking every day, blogging as much as I can, and exercise are coming back into my life!  I felt so off not having them there that I’m not even sure why I stopped.  I was mad at myself but now that I’m back–I’m thrilled!
Hope ya’ll are having fabulous weekends!

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