Bittersweet Idea

I’ve always been iffy on the idea of working out while your sick. It’s like “Do I go for a short walk?” or “Should I just do a few push ups and crunches with some jumping jacks?” You know, nothing too challenging so I don’t kill myself.

Well I decided to do Level 1 of the Shred. I figured it was only 20 minutes and it covers my cardio, strength and abs! I could handle that. Here’s how the process went:

Before: My cold is doing much better… I should be fine!

20 minutes of Jillian Michaels circuit torture passes…

After: *pant* *cough* *wheeze* Man, oh man. My head won’t stop spinning. Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea with a cold……….

But I feel awesome that I got in some activity since I haven’t really been that dedicated to maintaining my exercise routine due to life complications and interruptions (medical and school related). You know what I’ve learned (even though I’ve heard it a million times)?

You have to make it a prioritySchedule it in! Activity won’t do itself… that’s what the word means–getting up and doing something!

But admittedly, when you are sick, it’s probably a good idea to take it easy and only doing simple workouts. Lesson learned! =)


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