In My Sleep

You know the saying, “I can do that in my sleep!” ?

Haha, well I was counting my points and avoiding the dessert table… in my dreams last night.  When I woke up I almost wanted to laugh.  I can do WW in my sleep!  XD

But unfortunately, I haven’t been sleeping that well lately ever since this cold hit.  The first night was one from H-E-double hockey sticks as I tossed and turned just trying to breathe.  But then the last few nights, I fall asleep fine after I have some ThermaFlu stuff and get into dreams until about 4 AM.  Then the coughing returns and I wake up every forty-five minutes until my alarm goes off to cough. Messed up!  There needs to be a medicine that can last the whole night. I’m so buying NyQuil on my way home…

On the plus side, I’ve been very OP for the last couple days. =)

Do you guys struggle sleeping when you are sick?


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