Getting there!

10:30 PM —

  • 12 Hr Mucinex *check*
  • NyQuil *check*
  • Humidifier *check*
  • Brush teeth *check*
  • Read 20 pages of Woman in White *check*
  • Blow nose one last time *check*

11:00 PM — Zzzzz……

7:00 AM — “Whatever you imagine…” emanated around my room, rousing me.

If it weren’t for my quiz this morning, I would have stayed in bed to maintain the pure bliss I was in! That was the most peaceful sleep ever, I swear to you. I have not slept that well since I was in Vegas last weekend (because of the firm bed… and before that, it’s been forever).

A BIG thank you goes to Anaosborn for her tips on yesterday’s post.

The best part about it? Due to the good nights’ sleep, I feel much better. Now I’m just in the yucky phlegmy stage of the cold. A recovery of sorts, I’m hoping a quick one.

Question though: Zumba is tonight. I hate missing it. Go or no go? I really do feel much better and I’m sure I can handle it. But is it too soon to jump into that kind of activity? My mom will be bummed if I don’t go… It’s a dilemma.

Happy Hump Day! =)


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